Formal Proposal Structure

A formal proposal is usually requested by companies when they are planning to outsource projects.  Structure of formal proposal includes project objectives, times lines, job qualification, budget as well as cost breakdown.  These structures are very essential to your formal proposal in order for reader to decide whether your proposal will be approved or not.

The following are structures of a formal proposal:

proposal structure

–    Title Page
It includes the title of the project, submission date, and the name of the institution

–    Project Summary or Abstract
It serves as a brief initial quick overview of the proposal and contains the project’s main points and summary of the proposal

–    Table of Contents
Some brief proposal may not need to use a table of contents but of course the long proposal should list all major parts and division.

–    Introduction
It begins with the statement of what is being proposed and briefly outlines the goals and objectives of the project as well as the background of the study.

–    Project Goals and Objectives
It provides the goals and objectives of the project.

–    Review of Related Literature
It consists of the discussion of related works.

–    Description of Proposed Research
It considers the heart of the proposal. It should describe what is to be undertaken and how it will be accomplished.

–    Methodology or Design
It provides the action of plans to accomplished the project such as the specific steps and procedures how the research or project will take place.

–    Project Staffing
It specifies the staffs who will be participating in the project. It should also provide the curriculum vitae of each staff as well as a description of the work to be performed to be done by each staff.

–    Project Cost
It contains the detailed cost of the proposed project.

–    Facilities and Equipment
It provides the resources to be used in order to complete the project including the facilities and equipment. These resources include the computer systems, library resources and the like.

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Formal and Informal Proposal

Formal Proposal is usually respond to Request for Proposal (RFPs) from external source These RFPs is normally have specific guidelines and format for your proposal.  While in informal proposal is written as memos since it is a formal report within the organization or company.

The structure for informal proposal is much simple than informal proposal.  Informal proposal compose of purpose of your proposal and problem statement as well as background and scope. Scope is written to know the limitations of your proposal. Also, include the planned approach in order to solve the problem and how it will be implemented. Other components include personnel, facilities and equipment, budget and project timeline.  At the last part, you can write a conclusion which provides a summary of the entire proposal with the information of your contact details

Writing formal proposal is more difficult than informal proposal since the components if more complicated. In addition, external source will be given a format to be followed.  These components include cover letter, introduction, purpose of the proposal, methodology, project timetable, required facilities and equipment, resume, bibliography and appendices. Also you should include summary, table of contents and list of figures and tables.

Proposal is written to solve whether it is formal or informal proposal.  Examples of problems are outdated system, low volume of sales, slow processing of information, poor service, and many more.  These problems can be solved using methods that can be elaborate in your proposal through feasibility study and business plan.

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