Essential Components of Business Proposal

Business proposal is written to prospective client to obtain a particular job. You can submit a business proposal to obtain business from a large corporation or government bodies.

Business proposal has two primary types namely solicited business proposal and unsolicited business proposal. A solicited business proposal is requested by the potential client to seek an outside company to fulfill a project. Your proposal will be responded to an open bid placed on the market such as request for proposal or RFP. This client will choose the best business proposal that is suited to their needs. Unsolicited business proposal on the other hand is not requested by the potential client. You can submit unsolicited business proposal if you want to do business with other companies. A win business proposal should meet the client’s need.

A successful business proposal has essential components:

• Solutions

Your business proposal should provide presentation that shows the solution that will solve the problems.

• Benefits

It should provide a list of benefits that your business proposal offers. These benefits should meets the needs of the client.

• Evidence

It should show samples and evidence that you can deliver a best job for your client.

• Reliability

Your company should be reliable and trustworthy in order to get the trust of your prospective client. You should have license to operate your business and your team or people are qualified to do the jobs.

• Language

Use simple language that can be easy to understand. Do no use complicated words.

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