Sample Proposal Cover Letter

There is no reason why some writers never write a proposal cover letter.  Writing a proposal cover letter is good business etiquette.  The purpose of a proposal cover letter is to introduce your proposal not to summarize it.  It can be a personal note between you and your contact person within the organization or company.  Usually a cover letter and a proposal has two different audiences.

Below is a sample proposal cover letter:

Dear Ms. Boniquit:

I really enjoyed talking with you about your proposal project.

Attached is a Computerized Inventory System (CIS) proposal that describes the advantages and benefits of the system.  I believe that CIS is best suited to your company like yours.  Using CIS provides several benefits over the traditional system such as inventory tracking, cost cutting, save time and effort, inventory balance, and warehouse organization,

I look forward working with you on this valuable project.  I will contact you in a couple of days to answer any questions you may have.  For a while, please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.  I can be reached at telephone number (037) 451-2485.

I hope we can continue working together into the future.

Yours truly,
Khael Ramos