Sample Methodology

The GTS will be conducted by the proponent with selected Civil Engineering students under College of Engineering and Architecture of BPSU.  Selected students will be selected based on their interest to adopt the knowledge and interest in the said GTS.

The GTS involves orientations of the tracer study, reproduction of materials to be needed, distribution and retrieval  of GTS questionnaires, encoding of the data gathered, analyzing the data then making conclusions and recommendations based on the output of the GTS.

Important data regarding this study of BSCE graduates were gathered through a standard questionnaires provided by CHED.  Reference data with regards to the whereabouts of the graduates were requested to university registrar of the BPSU.

Respondents for this tracer study are only graduates of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from 2002-2008 wherein sample respondents were determined using the Solvin’s formula:

n = N / (1 + Ne2)
n = Number of samples
N = Total number of population
e = Error tolerance of 7%

In order for the leader to get samples equal to 103/205, based on slovin’s formula, a group of 14 enumerators  were oriented and trained.  Enumerators were given assigned graduated depending on their preference.

Depending on the availability of respondents, enumerator’s where able to gather the target numbers of respondents in which data gathered were subjected to final analysis.

Simple statistical analysis and correlations were made to data which will give bearing to the study and at the same tome answered the objectives of this GTS.

Source: BPSU