Suggested Format for Proposal

proposal formatSample Format of a Proposal

1. Title Page

– include proposal title
– department affiliations
– name
– date
– name of project advisor(s)

2. Abstract

– summary of the project including its objectives, problem’s significance and scope, methods to be used and results to be expected
– it should be short (100-200 words)

3. Introduction

– indicate why the proposal is being made such as problems to be solved, objectives and purpose.
– gives background information and rationalizes the project
– present the concise overview of the entire project being proposed

4. Methodology

– include the procedures intends to use to accomplish the proposed project

5. Facilities

– availability of facilities play important role in proposals involving such things as the creation of a new product, or installation of new equipment.

6. Personnel

– the personnel involve in the proposed project

7. Duration

– provide timetable for the proposed project
– define the length of the project and provide a schedule of who will do the specific tasks during the project period.
– the date when the project is to be completed is approximated

8. Cost

– identify the anticipated cost for everything including the expenses for personnel, equipment, depreciation, interest expenses, insurance premium, travel cost, etc.
– itemized list of prices for everything involved in the project and explains how the money will be regained.

8. Conclusion

Re-emphasize the advantages and strong points of the proposal.

9. Appendix

– supporting material involved in the proposed project.

* Some proposal are not exactly alike in format

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