Sample Sales Proposal

Sales Proposal
To Landscape the New Corporate Headquarters of the Watford Valve Corporation

Submitted to: Ms. Tricia Olivera, Vice President
Submitted by: Jerwalted Nursery, Inc.
Date Submitted: February 1, 1992

Jerwalted Nursery, Inc., proposes to landscape the new corporate headquarters of the Watford Valve Corporation, on 1600 Swason Avenue, at a total cost of $8,000  Landscaping would begin no later than April 30, 1990, and would be completed by May 31.

The lot to be landscaped is approximately 600 feet wide and 700 feet deep.  The following trees and plants would be planted in the quantities and sizes given and at the prices specified.  They would be positioned as indicated in the enclosed drawing.

4 maple trees (not less than 7 ft.) $40 each – $160
41 birch trees (not less than 7 ft.) $65 each – 2,665
2 spruce trees (not less than 7 ft.) $105 each – 210
20 juniper plants (not less than 18 in.) $15 each – 300
60 hedges (not less than 18 in.) $7 each – 420
200 potted plants (various kinds) $2 each – 400
Total cost of plants  – $4,155
Labor – $3,845
Total Cost – $8,000

All trees and plants would be guaranteed against defect or disease for a period of 90 days, with the warranty period to begin June 1, 1992.

Thank you for the opportunity to submit this proposal.  Jerwalted Nursery Inc., has been in the landscaping and nursery business in the Providence area for thirty years, and our landscaping has won several awards and commendations, including a citation from the National Association of Architects.  We are eager to put our skills and knowledge to work for you, and we are confident that you will be pleased with our work.  If we can provide any additional information or assistance, please call.