Sample Proposal Introduction

Proposal Title: Proposed Mechanical Flash Dryer



This report proposed to have a Mechanical Flash Dryer for Farmers of Cagayan.


Farming is the major source of funds of the people of Cagayan. Every year, they have 2 cropping but only 50% can saved their products during rainy season, because of the weather condition now a days and 50% of their product wetness and then after a days it will be wasted. Most of the farmers exercise to hire many people to dry their products so that incase of rain come it easily to keep it. They pay as 150 pesos a day for every person. This really affect the financial life of farmers, that’s why we proposed to have a Mechanical Flash Dryer for farmer to lighten their burdens.

General Objective

To help rice farmers to maximize their profits by drying their product before storing, waiting for a better price.

Specific Objectives

  • To minimize loss and damage of grains produce due to moulds.
  • To provide higher percentage on milling recovery

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