Proposal Sample for a Project of Construction of Suspension Bridge

A Proposal to Construct a Suspension Bridge to Connect the Provinces of Ilocos Norte and Cagayan

1. Introduction

Since time immemorial, people from Ilocos Norte and Cagayan have had the problem of transporting their goods from one province to the other.  To help solve this perennial problem of transportation between two places, a suspension bridge connecting them should be constructed.  The completion of this bridge is the dream of President E. Marcos and many motorist and traders.

1.1     Statement of the Problem

To initiate the realization of the dream of President Ferdinand E. Marcos and many motorist and traders, the writer presents A PROPOSAL TO CONSTRUCT A SUSPENSION  BRIDGE TO CONNECT THE PROVINCES OF ILOCOS NORTE AND CAGAYAN.  Specifically, the paper answers the following questions:

1.1.1.    Where is the geographical site of the propose suspension bridge?
1.1.2.    What are the advantages of constructing a suspension bridge?
1.1.3.     How is it constructed?

1.2     Importance of the Study

This study is significant.  The construction of a suspension bridge connecting Ilocos Norte and Cagayan will hasten  the economic development of the northern part of the country.

1.3     Definitions of Terms Used

To facilitate the understanding of the discussion, the writer deemed it necessary to define the following terms:

1.3.1  Catenary

Catenary is the curve in which a frictionless uniform or a perfectly flexible uniform cable hangs between two fixed points.

1.3.2 Girders

Girders are segments of the span joined with each other to give the proper stiffening of the main span.

1.3.3    Span

The span of the bridge means the longest horizontal structure which consists of a steel and a concrete slab

1.3.4    Three-span suspension bridge

This is the most common form of a suspension bridge. It is composed of side spans and the main span that lie between them.  The most common form of span is that in which the main cable is continued from the tower over the side span which is suspended from cables in the same way as the main span.  In such cases, the cables are often anchored at the outer ends of the side span at deck level and are effectively unrestrained.

1.3.5    Anchor

The anchor of a suspension bridge lies on the extremities of the span.  It is composed of a massive structure consisting of concrete and steel frames.

1.3.6    Tower

A tower is a structure designed primarily for elevation that is higher than its diameter and high relative to its surroundings.  The purpose of the tower is to support the cable.

An excerpt from a technical report of Vener A. Villanueva .