Sample Proposal: Establishment of a Cindy’s Fast Food

Sample Proposal

Title: Establishment of a Cindy’s Fast Food Branch Along Plaza of Balanga, Bataan

Date : January 25, 2000

To: Bataan Traders Inc.
From: Herrera Consultancy
Subject: Establishment of Cindy’s Fast Food Branch Along Plaza of Balanga, Bataan

Part of my job as public relations director of HERRERA CONSULTANCY is to propose to big business establishments an expansion of their business interests. Having been notified that your company plans to engage in another business venture, I offer you, with optimism, this proposal.

The food centers at the plaza of Balanga could not accommodate all the customers especially during peak hours, the area being thickly populated by students, professionals and permanent residents. Most of the fast food is only classified as class C or D. In fact, students and professionals go as far as the near town just to dine with friends and loves ones because no food center is available during peak periods.

To remedy this problem, I propose that you choose the area along Plaza for your business expansion. This proposal details the problems, the solutions and the cost.

The Problem

With an 8.5% inflation rate, life is becoming more difficult each day. This is aggravated by the 80% unemployment and under-employment. With this scenario, choosing a business and its location poses a problem among entrepreneurs. Some of the major problems that may be met are the following:

Kind of business. What kind of business will one engage in?
Location. What is the best location for a business?
Cost of land. Where can one find the cheapest land?
Security. Is it safe to engage in business there?
Financial reward. Will one be financially merited in such business?

Businessmen should solve the problems. They must be sure that their venture will be financially rewarding.

The Solution

The problems aforementioned can be solved.

  • Kind of business. Man can forego almost every thing except food. Men have to eat and they do everything to fill in their stomachs. This fact makes the food business rewarding.
  • Location. The best place to establish a food center is the plaza since this is the center of town activities and it is near the colleges, municipal, church, hospital, public and private offices and residences.
  • Cost of land. The P20,000 per square meter of land is comparative low since the current price of land in the area is P25,000. The lot owner will leave for the United States for good and the property has to be disposed immediately.
  • Security. This is a major consideration of a business enterprise. The Cindy’s Fast Food Branch along Plaza is very secure because of several establishments around. Policemen are assigned to secure the place on a 24 hour routine.
  • Profitability. The 5 million population in Bataan concentrate in this area. Statistics show that about two million live in the place. Since most food centers cater to people, Cindy’s Fast Food along Plaza will be the most patronized branch of the food chain.

The Cost

Establishing a food chain is not easy but the proposed center is not very costly as shown in the list below.

Land P40,000,000.00
Building P 4,000,000.00
Equipments. P 1,000,000.00

Total Cost P 45,000,000.00


This proposal has shown the viability of establishing the Cindy’s Fast Food branch along Plaza Balanga, Bataan. There is no better place than the Plaza. There is no better business than a food center. There is no better time than now.

I will drop by later this month to discuss any question you might have about the proposal.

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