Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Problem Statement:  

One of the problems of EthMer Agency is the slow processing of member’s information since they have hundred of members right now.  Whenever there is a hiring,  clerk and secretary will find each member’s information to find out if they have a qualified member for the job vacancy as well as their contact number.

Proposed Solution:

To eliminate the manual processing and finding of member’s information, it is a necessity to buy a computer which allows to store information for easily retrieve of member’s data and reduce the over time of employees. Saving and effort will be cost effective since employees will not require to have an overtime pay.

Steps Involved

  1. Buy a computer that has Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel.
  2. The clerk or secretary will encode all member’s data and information using either Excel or Word.
  3. Also, consider to buy a printer so that employees will have to print important information and browse it manually.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Save effort and time of clerk or secretary since they are computer literate
  • Easy retrieval of employee’s data and information
  • Reduce the cost of overtime pay
  • Satisfied member since they don’t have to wait for a longer period of time
  • Satisfied client as well because you will provide workers for the short period of time

Potential Problem:

The cost of a set of computer including printer is Php35,000.00.  The new computer would pay for itself within seven (7) months of use.