A Proposed Design of a Bagasse Rotary Dryer for Cagayan-Robina Sugar Milling Company

A Proposed Design of a Bagasse Rotary Dryer for Cagayan-Robina Sugar Milling Company

Mary B. Pasion
Nueva Vizcaya State University


In the sugar factories,bagasse is used as captive fuel in their boilers for raising steam necessary for power generation, as well as running the sugar factory and processing sugar cane into sugar.

Raw Sugar Process

Sugarcane Component
70% water
14% fiber
13.3% saccharose (10-15% sucrose)
2.7%  soluble impurities

By-products of sugar cane


•    the fibrous residue left over after the extraction of juice from sugar cane milling process
•     composed  of 43-52% fiber, 45-52% moisture and 2-6% soluble solids


In Cagayan-Robina sugar milling company, the installation of bagasse dryer became essential since the moisture content of bagasse  of the mill run bagasse of their milling plant has an average of 50.12%. High moisture content in the bagasse cause incomplete combustion in the boiler furnace, therefore it need a lot of extraneous to meet the steam requirement of the factory.


General Objective:

To propose a design of a bagasse rotary dryer for Cagayan-Robina Sugar Milling Company.

Specific Objectives:

1. To design a rotary  bagasse  dryer for CARSUMCO.
2. To make an economic feasibility of the proposed design in terms of:
a. rate of return of investment
b. payback period

Scope and Limitations:

In response to the problem of high moisture content of bagasse from the milling plant of CARSUMCO, this study focused in the design of a rotary bagasse dryer.

Schedule of Activities

Identification of Problem –  1 month
Data Gathering – 1 month
Design – 2 months
Computations – 1 month
Documentations – 1 month

Expected Output

1.    Design of a rotary bagasse dryer
2.    Economic feasibility based on computed rate of return and payback period.


•    Books and journals
•    Internet Access
•    CARSUMCO laboratory results
•    Machine shop

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