Proposed Proposal Pattern

*This lecture is from our instructor: Dr. Corazon C. Obnamia

proposal outlineProposed Pattern for Proposal
This is only an example. This is not a universally accepted pattern of organization

The Problem

Business proposals show clearly that you understand the problem or problems. Does your reader need a complex remodeling and construction job for extensive equipment replacement? If pertinent, mention difficulties that may be encountered and consider how you propose to overcome them.

If your proposal concerns a research study, it is a community problem, for the local area or a general area? If it’s about a company problem, does it concern a certain branch or area, such as a shipping delays, shoplifting, inventory control, poor customer relations, excessive purchase returns, inadequate communication or what?

Background – what led to the problem or problems? Be concise
Need for solution. Is it urgent? Critical? Why?


State objectives concisely and clearly. Are they measurable? Achievable?
What reader benefits, if any, should be emphasized for your proposed solution?
Avoid including too many objectives or too broad a purpose.

If your proposal is for service or equipment you are selling. In what areas will it serve the prospective buyer?
Define the boundaries of your project. If you’re proposing a research study, will you study one area of a community, company department or several problems?
What boundaries are you setting to accomplish your objectives?

What specific methods will you use? Are they scientifically sound?
What are you going to do? How? Include graphs or sketches, if helpful.
Who is involved?

What is your plan of attack? Can your methods solve the problem?
Identify specific activities and state your time schedule for each (For a research project state your initial plan and organization, search of literature, interview, correspondence, questionnaire, experiments). Include estimated calendar dates if possible. Allow sufficient time for data collection and for unexpected problems.
Consider and identify variables, if any, in the project
Make clear your sequence of steps in the project.

Facilities Available

Show you have thought deeply enough to realize what facilities will be needed. If your proposal is foe your company’s bid on an enormous construction job probably several departments will cooperate with you in presenting needed facts and figures.

For a research projects, state what equipment and facilities you already have for use and assure that you can get the rest. Depending on the type of project, you might, for example, need a movie camera, computer programmer, desk calculator, nearby library, typewriters, duplicating machines and services for questionnaires, etc., even a car, truck, boat or several planes.

Personnel Qualification

Show job descriptions, names and one-page resumes for top personnel ( with their permission) who will assist on your project.
State on your own experience and past successes with similar projects includes dates and references (with permission so that the prospective fonder can verify your statements.

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