Some Tips and Guidelines for your Proposal

Some Tips for Proposal Writing

– Identify the purpose clearly at the beginning of your proposal
– Avoid using technical terms; use a language that everyone can understand
– Use simple and short sentences that are clear and direct to the point
– Make sure that your reader has the necessary information to make a final decision
– Put yourself in the shoes of your reader. Think of what the reader may want to hear
– Get someone else to read your proposal before submit it

Some Guidelines for your Proposal

  • Your proposal should define problem and state how to solve it. The reader must assure that your proposal can solve the problem effectively
  • Proposed project should research thoroughly. You can provide your reader with examples and facts to assure them that your proposed idea or project is possible.
  • Propose project proved that it works. You can include analysis of your plan and possible results of your solution.
  • Make sure that your proposed project is financially feasible. Make sure that they can afford the solution you are proposing.
  • Last but the least, your proposal must look attractive. The overall appearance of your proposal should be neat inside and out.

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