Characteristics of Good Proposal

A good proposal should be readable, well-organized, understandable and grammatically correct.  Your proposal should clearly explain how the proposed idea made improvements.

Based on my understanding, I listed some of characteristics should a proposal should have.

    • Describe an idea to solve problems in new ways
      • Identify the general and specific objective precisely
        • Rationale costing. Budget should be realistic.  It should be consistent and complete without unambiguous
          • Provide valid assumptions.  It should have detailed information to justify every statement.
            • Detailed schedule of activities to complete the project
              • Follow all the directions given in the proposal guidelines
                • Consist of appendices which serve as evidence of careful planning and previous experience
                  • Clearly communicates the qualification of the personnel involved in the project
                    • Well-organized writing style in such as way that it uses a header to lead the reader
                      • Paginated from beginning to end including the appendix
                        • Use appropriate graphs and figures, charts and other visual materials
                          • Proofreads for grammatical errors and misspelling
                            • Include vitae to demonstrate credentials required
                              • Consists of necessary letter of support and other documentation
                                • Identify potential pitfalls and alternative approaches

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