Proposed Three Bedroom Residence Contract

Project Title: Proposed One (1) Storey Three Bedroom Residence
Location: Lot 12, Blk 05 Villa Quintana, Samal, Bataan
Owner: Angelito Reagan and Rosalie Reagan, spouses

General Conditions of the Contract

This agreement is made and enters into this January 23, 2011 by and between Architect Ronald Vergara, Richtown Subd. Balanga City, Bataan, and Mr. Angelito Reagan and Rosalie Reagan, spouses and Owner of Lot 12, Blk 05 Villa Quintana, Samal, Bataan

The parties hereto, for in consideration hereinafter, hereby covenant and agreed as follows:

1.    That the Architect hires by the contracting under this contract to do work Construction and supervision of One Storey Three bedroom Residence with a total floor area of 68.00 (6.80 x 10.00) square meters.

2.    That the general conditions of the contract, specifications, plan, as well as drawings with each pages signed by client and architect relating hereto form the integral part of the contract.

3.    Scope of Work

a.    The architect-constructor, inconsideration of the payment to be made by the Owner of the sum money the amount of Eight Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Pesos (Php855,000.00) hereinafter named, agrees to furnish all labor, materials, equipment tools and other facilities and the satisfactory and faithful performance of all works necessary to commence and complete the following phases of works:

b.    Materials and Finishes

1.    Roofing materials – Long span Rib Type
2.    Trusses – Metal Framing
3.    Exterior and Interior Walls – Plaster Cement Finish
4.    Flooring – Plaster Cement – Scratch coat finish
5.    Installation of Electrical and Power system
6.    Installation of water and waste line system

c.    The entire work of the construction of the proposed project shall be under the Supervision of the Architect or her representative.

d.    When the above mentioned work is completed on item 3a-b, the Architect/Contractor shall remove and properly dispose all temporary structures, materials and rubbish of every sort and leave the premises and ground in good condition.

e.    Surveys, test, light and water services shall be provided and secured by the owner.

4.    Changes

These are alterations, additions or omissions of work or materials specified or shown in the drawings during the progress of construction

a.    All changes on the approved plans shall be approved by the Architect or his/her representative and the Owner.
b.    If such changes are made the corresponding value or amount must be agreed upon in writing or mutual between the Owner and the Architect/Contractor.
5.    Schedule of Construction

The work to be performed by the contractor/architect under this contract shall be commenced not later than January 23, 2011 and shall be completed no later than March 23, 2011 unless an extension of time has been authorized or approved by the Owner in writing.

6.    Work under this contract may be discharge by performance if both parties are able to comply with their respective obligations.

7.    The Contract Sum

a.    The Owner agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Architect/Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this contract, he/she shall pay the architect the contract sum of Eight Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Pesos (Php855,000.00)
b.    It is expressly agreed by both parties that no change shall be made in the above mentioned contract amount as a result of any fluctuation on the cost of materials, and/or labor.

8.    Payments

Partial payments shall be made by the Owner on account of the Architect/contractor of this contract and will be made as follows:

a.    Upon signing of the contract – ______________
b.    February 25, 2011  – ______________
c.    March 25, 2011 – ______________
d.    April 15, 2011 – ______________

The parties to this agreement hereby agree to full performance of the covenants contained herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this Agreement have on the day and year first above given, hereunto set their hands at the bottom of this page and on the left hand margin of all other pages of this Agreement.




Signed in the Presence of