Proposed One Storey Three (3) Bedroom Residence

Project Title: Proposed One Storey Three (3) Bedroom Residence
Location: Lot 25 Blk 4 Santana Land Subdivision Capitangan, Abucay, Bataan
Owner : Mr. Leonardo Navarro and Celestina Navarro, spouses

I.    Site Preparation

1.    Determine the exact location, landmarks and verify boundaries shown in the location plan.
2.    Clearing and Grubbing
a.    The area within limits of the plan shall be cleared of logs, stumps and roots between and embankment.  Filling, grading or leveling the lot as needs and fencing the property if called by the owner.
b.    Provide storage facilities for construction materials as approved by the owner and Architect and Civil Engineer.

3.    Furnishing of all labor, equipment and other facilities necessary to complete the preparation of the site

II.    Concrete Works

1.    The materials to be used and involved in this work shall be the best quality, free from the defects that may impair the strength of the building.
2.    Concrete shall be composed of Portland cement, fine and coarse aggregates and water.
3.    Cement must be of such quality so as to meet the standards specifications.  Fine aggregates shall be composed of sand and coarse aggregates to composed of gravel and crushed stones, both free any injurious amount of dust, lumps of earth and any undesirable elements.
4.    Mixing of concrete shall be done in accordance with the standard specification.
5.    Water to be used in mixing concrete should be clean and free from injurious of oil, organic matter or other deleterious substances.
6.    All reinforced concrete beams, columns and footing shall be of class A mixture (1:2:4) and reinforced as shown on drawings.  No footing shall rest on fill.
7.    All slabs on fill shall be laid well on compacted earth and gravel fill and of class C mixture (1:3:6) and reinforced as shown on drawings
8.    Concrete hollow blocks walls filled with mortar of 1:3 mixture shall be reinforced as shown on drawings.
9.    Concrete to be used for plastering shall be of 1:3 mixture.

III.    Carpentry Works

1.    General Conditions
a.    Lumber shall be of the approved quality of respective kinds required for the various pats of the works.
b.    Framing lumber shall be of rough
c.    All exposed wood works shall be smoothly dressed to sized and shapes

IV.    Tinnery Works

1.    General Conditions
All tannery works shall be conformed to the standard regulations practices in the locality.
2.    Roof Covering shall be gauge 0.04 thk. Long span iron sheets.
3.    Toilets shall be ceramic floor and wall tiles as previously approved by the owner.

V.    Steel Trusses

1.    Use 2-2 1/2” x 2 ½” x ¼” double angle for top chord.
2.    Use 2-2 ½ x 2 1/2 x ¼ double angle for bottom chord.

VI.    Plumbing

1.    Polymutan Pipe (PVC or G.I. Pipe) water line.
2.    Series 1000 PVC Pipe for waste line (Emerald Brand)
3.    PVC 4” dia. Pipe for rain waste line (Emerald Brand)
4.    Water closet, Philippine standard complete with flush tank and fittings

VII.    Electrical Works

1.    All wires shall be according to written specifications found in the approved electrical plan (PHILFLEX)
2.    All circuit breaker shall be General Electric brand or its approved equal.
3.    All convenience outlets shall be provided with 22.
4.    Switches cover & convenience outlets coves shall be National brand or approved equal.
5.    All convenience outlets exposed to weather shall be waterproof, eagle brand

VIII.    Doors and Jambs

1.    Door jamb shall be concrete material and finish
2.    Main door shall be solid panel door.
3.    Use PVC flush door for T/B/

IX.    Windows

1.    Aluminum door powder coated
2.    All windows shall be according to the approved plan.

X.    Paintings

1.    All paints shall be Boysen or its approved equal.
2.    Exterior walls shall be acrytex cast finish or approved finish.

Prepared by:

Arch. Virginia T. Sy