Feasibility Study Structure

feasibility study structureFeasibility study is created in order to minimize risk and to ascertain the viability of a project, a thorough study must first be undertaken.  As soon as it is certain that a specific project could be carried out profitably, it is only then, that it could be implemented.

A feasibility study is not merely an investigation but at the same time a plan or a framework on how the operation of a business project shall be accomplished.  It is composed of five major components namely: Marketing, Technical, Management, Financial and Social Desirability.

You must determine if there are sufficient demands for the product as well the competitive position of the firm in the industry.  Sale projection for the project must also investigate as part of your market study.

The manufacturing process, plant size, production schedule, machinery, plant location and layout, structure, raw materials, utilities and waste disposal is taken into consideration when it comes to technical study.

Management study involves on how the project shall be managed such as the business organization including the organization chart and function of each unit management personnel, skills and numbers of labor required.

In your financial study, you can include the assessment of total capital requirements, break-even outputs, sales and prices, amount of sales required to earn a certain amount of profit and the cash payback period.

Last but not the least is the social desirability which is measure by economic benefits to the people living in the community and its vicinities.

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Pinoy Food Cart to franchise

food card franchisingFilipinos loves to eat that’s why we can find food carts anywhere such as in the malls, terminals, office building, and train station which offers quick meals.  Food carts offers anything from flavored French fries, pop corn, siomai, dimpsun, fruits shakes, and many more.

The following are some of the pinoy food card available for franchise:

  1. Hong Kong Style Noodles.  It offers stir-fried noodles, bean sprouts, and dimpsun. The fun part is the customer is the one who makes own noodles sauce with the choices of teriyaki, Szechuan, chili, oyster, and peanut sauce.
  2. Potato Corner. It became popular because of their yummy flavored French fries such as cheese, barbeque and sour cream flavor.
  3. Paotsin. It serves steamed or fried dumplings and dumpling meals.
  4. Frutas.  Healthy thirst quencher including fruits shakes with variety of choices such as mango shakes, banana shakes, watermelon, apple and strawberries shakes mixed with milk and honey.
  5. Waffle Time. It provides their customer an affordable waffles which comes from different fillings including hotdogs, pineapple, swiss chocolate, barbarian cream, tuna and salad bacon.
  6. King Corn. It offers quick corn snacks such as the corn on the cob, shredded corn kernels flavored with salt, butter, cheese and pop corns.
  7. Holy Kettle Corn. It serves great tasting popcorn without butter and preservatives. It made up of natural sweetener such as molasses, honey and sugar.
  8. Siomai House.  Customer loves their pork and shrimp siomai tops with chili garlic bits.
  9. Plato Wraps. It offers grilled wrap sandwiches with varieties of fillings such as chicken, ham and cheese, tuna or veggies with olive oil.
  10. Pizza Pedrico.  Their pizzas have different toppings to choose including chorizo and cheese, ham and cheese, sausage and cheese, cheese and cheese,  and many the combination of many toppings

Many former overseas workers and retired employees are prefers to franchise food cart because it is much cheaper, less rent or lease, transferable, easy to operate and manage, less personnel or employees, offers only limited products and needs only small space

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Fruitas Fruit Shake Franchising

fruitasAs summer is approaching, Filipinos is now cravings for something cold that provides nutrition so it is about time to franchise not just delicious but nutritious drinks just like fruit shake.  One option to have stable fruit shake business is to franchise Fruitas Fruit Shake because it provides high quality fruits. Their fruits is came from Babot’s Farm which delivers fresh fruits without preservatives.

Health is wealth so it is important to serve our client and customer a snack that is full of vitamins and minerals. Fruitas Fruit Shake serves its customers healthy smoothies, fresh shakes and natural juices with different natural fruits option such as mangoes, papayas, bananas, apples, melons and many more.

The following are some information for franchising Fruitas Shakes:

1.    Fruitas Shakes Franchise Fee
Franchise fee starts from Php300,000 up to Php1.5M. No royalty fee and contract is good for one (1) year and annual renewal is applicable.

2.    Standard Package Inclusion
•    Standard cart (3-4 sq. m) or counter (not more than 6 sq. m)
•    Basic equipment, wares and utensils
•    Initial inventory (good for 2 to 3 days)
•    Use of propriety marks and trade name
•    Marketing materials (balloons, flyers, tarpaulin, menu, loyalty card, etc.)
•    Complete business permits and documents
•    Free manpower assistance:
•    Sourcing, hiring and orientation of crew
•    10 to 15 days training at training sites
•    2 sets of uniform (6 polo shirts, 4 aprons, 2 visors, 2 hairnets)
•    Franchise orientation with comprehensive franchise manual kit
•    Grand opening assistance

3.    Return of Investment
Return of Investment (ROI) is highly depends on the location, marketing strategies, store management but most franchisee get their ROI at around 18 to 20 months.

4.    Contact Details

Office Address:

68 Data st. corner Cordillera st. Brgy. Don Manuel, Quezon City, Philippines



Mobile Number:






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Conducting Market Research

In all business, one should know who your customers are, what they want to buy and their favorite place to hang out.  These things should be know to conduct your market research.

It is necessary to conduct a market research to become successful in your business since it takes a lot of money and huge investment to start up a new business. There are many factors to consider in starting a new business including your target customers and target location.

market research

Market research is done before starting a new business. Also, a way of analyzing the past market trends in order to know if there still a demand to make it worth to start a related business. This research should look to the past, present and future to study consumer’s trend. In addition, it is the process of analyzing the data to help you to know which products and services are in demand. It can give a business a picture of what kind of new products or services may bring a profit.

The following are some ways to conduct a market research.

  • Analyze the economy.  You can look up the earning data and income as well as employment statistics to determine the demand of your target customer.
  • Determine the current sales and competitors.
  • Ask the public. It can be done by conducting a survey and ask the customer’s opinion when they purchase from you. Also, you can ask the social media or hire a firm to conduct a research for you.

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Food Cart Business

Many entrepreneurs today start a food cart business because of it does not need a huge capital. However, in order to succeed in a food cart business, one should have a good product and a perfect location for your food cart. Ideally, food cart should be placed on traffic streets, huge malls and probably a public market or grocery store wherein there are a lots of people.

food cart business

The following are some of the advantages of food cart business:

  • It only needs small amount of capital. You can start a food cart business with the capital of Php30,000.00 to Php300,000.00
  • A food cart is easy to manage and very portable since it  can be easily setup
  • It is movable. If does not succeed in one location, you can move your food cart to another location.
  • Putting food cart business is very simple compare to restaurant. You can just offers simple products. Your products should be unique yet exceptional such as existing products that have some innovation and variation.

Here are some tips before starting your food cart business:

  • Pick the right franchise.  Make sure that the franchisor is a member of good standing franchise association in the Philippines.  Have a background check and consult lawyer before signing the franchise agreement.
  • Choose a good location with less competition. Just make sure that your location is very visible and accessible to the public such as in malls, train station or terminals, office or school areas.
  • Learn the needed skills to run a food cart business.  Ask and seek advises to experienced or veterans people.
  • Screen your personnel carefully. Provides extensive training program for new recruits and always remind them the importance of excellent service.

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Food Cart to Franchise

Due to economic crisis, many Filipinos will find their ways to earn income to support their families’ needs. They tend to think that franchising a good business will give them enough profit that starting a new.   These food cart franchising are very affordable since the cost is approximate not more than Php 60,000.00. This includes the food cart itself as well as the equipment and initial inventory. So here is some of the franchising available:

food cart franchise

  • Buko Nut Buko Shake
    Buko is not seasonal so you can drink it anytime anywhere in the Philippines. It is also known a wonder fruit so Filipinos really enjoy this refreshing juice.
  • Red Bowl Rice Toppings
    Their line of products includes beef chicken teriyaki, pork sisig, pork sukiyaki, red bowl supreme, cornbeef, siomai, ham and kani, tocino, etc.
  • Burgeroo Buy 1 Take 1 Burger
    It offers buy 1 take 1 burgers without suffering the quality taste.  It also offers a different varieties  that will customer will surely love.
  • Emperor Siomai Delight
    It caters different types of siomai including pork siomai, shrimp siomai, Japanese siomai, beef mushroom siomai, kani crab siomai, sharkspin siomai and chili crab siomai.
  • O’Noodles Hong Kong Style Noodles
    It offers a stir fried noodles food cart business. These stir fried noodles contains dried noodles and sprouted beans with different toppings for additional flavors.
  • Egglog Food Cart
    It offers a combination of quail eggs, siomai, squid and fish balls and dumplings. These food is considered the best pulutan and snack of Filipinos.
  • Imacaroni Macaroni Pasta Food Cart
    Filipinos loves pasta that is why macaroni is one of the favorites of Filipinos. They offers different concept of macaroni such as mac and cheese, spaghetti, carbonara, palabok, etc.

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Formal Proposal Structure

A formal proposal is usually requested by companies when they are planning to outsource projects.  Structure of formal proposal includes project objectives, times lines, job qualification, budget as well as cost breakdown.  These structures are very essential to your formal proposal in order for reader to decide whether your proposal will be approved or not.

The following are structures of a formal proposal:

proposal structure

–    Title Page
It includes the title of the project, submission date, and the name of the institution

–    Project Summary or Abstract
It serves as a brief initial quick overview of the proposal and contains the project’s main points and summary of the proposal

–    Table of Contents
Some brief proposal may not need to use a table of contents but of course the long proposal should list all major parts and division.

–    Introduction
It begins with the statement of what is being proposed and briefly outlines the goals and objectives of the project as well as the background of the study.

–    Project Goals and Objectives
It provides the goals and objectives of the project.

–    Review of Related Literature
It consists of the discussion of related works.

–    Description of Proposed Research
It considers the heart of the proposal. It should describe what is to be undertaken and how it will be accomplished.

–    Methodology or Design
It provides the action of plans to accomplished the project such as the specific steps and procedures how the research or project will take place.

–    Project Staffing
It specifies the staffs who will be participating in the project. It should also provide the curriculum vitae of each staff as well as a description of the work to be performed to be done by each staff.

–    Project Cost
It contains the detailed cost of the proposed project.

–    Facilities and Equipment
It provides the resources to be used in order to complete the project including the facilities and equipment. These resources include the computer systems, library resources and the like.

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Business Proposal Components

Business plan can be considered to be the most critical document of all time since businessmen spending much time creating and submitting business proposal to their prospective clients. Some entrepreneur may get contract with just submitting one proposal for the short period of time. This winning proposal may have good content that client easily captured their attention and approved it.

A winning business proposal should be written properly.  A business proposal is written to offers a certain product or service to a client.
There are three (3) basic information need to see in the business proposal namely problems intend to solve, the solution to the problem and the cost of the proposal.

A client may want to know and understand what is the problems existed and your business proposal must be able to explain it accurately. How can you solve the problem if you do not understand these problems?

business proposal

The main goal of your business proposal is to offer a solution that solves the existing problems faced by your prospective client. This part should be written in detailed to address all the necessary information. This includes the methods or procedure you used and how your proposed solution really solves the problems.

Of course, client may want the cost of your proposed solution. Some client used pricing information for their decision making process.  The cost is always depends on your proposed solution whether it is entail a short period or long period of time.  You may also consider including a cost benefit analysis in order to help your client to decide.

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Components of a Business Plan

Business plan is needed to any new business venture to ensure that your business will achieve your business goals. It helps through your business and keeps you on track. A business plan should be properly outline and consider all the necessary things so you don’t have to rush into anything.

The right components for a business plan are all depends on your purpose. Like for example, if the reader of your business plan is an investor, your business plan should be more detailed because your potential investor may not be familiar with your industry so it is essential to clearly explain your concept and your goals. But if your business plan is just for your business partner, it does need to be details but still it is necessary to provide your goals and how to achieve these goals.

parts business plan

The following are some of the components of a Business Plan

  • Mission Statement
  • Company’s Description and Products or Services
  • Market Analysis which include the competitors and prospective clients
  • Management Team Description such as the staff’s trainings and experiences
  • Methods or Procedures to market the products or services
  • Company’s strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threat
  • Cash flow statement
  • Revenue projection
  • Summary and Conclusion

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Parts of the Project Proposal

Project proposal is written to gain money from the investors and to grant money as well as to loan money to a large project.  In order to have a successful project proposal, it should describe the things you want to accomplish and how you intend to achieve these things.

A successful project proposal may include the following parts:

  • Introduction
    It contains the project accomplishment and benefits of your project to the company. Explain in short sentence of how your project achieves the goals of the company.


  • Background of the Project
    It describes the background of the project such as how the idea for the project came out.
  • Method Used for the Project Proposal
    It demonstrates how to make the project happen so it should explain the methods or procedures to be used in order to have a successful project to achieve the company’s goals. It includes scope statement and risk that provides solution to overcome it.
  • Project Budget
    It provides the information about the cost of the project.  The reader should know how much money is needed to accomplish the proposed project and how the money will be spent.


  • Summary
    It contains the summary of the paragraph stating the project scope, project budget and the importance of the project.

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