Sample Acknowledgement

This project proposal has been completed by the researcher with the help of the employee of Petron Refinery Power Plant and the agencies involved in reverse osmosis plant.  With their assistances and support, the research wishes to express his sincerest gratitude most specially to the persons whose names and significances are mentioned below:

Engr. ARNOLD R. SANTOS, research, adviser, for giving constructive criticisms that challenged the researcher to do a valuable special project;

Dr. Emmanuel D. Escudero, the Director of the Graduate Program for his comments and valuable suggestions during the oral defense of the document, and for widely opening the researcher’s view of what must be done to obtain good document;

acknowledgment sample

To the members of the Oral Defense Committee namely Dr. Theresa R. Naguit, Dr. Jose R. Magtanong, Dr. Jcmer Navarro, Engr. Ronaldo R. Magsaysay, for their contributions in improving the document through their important suggestions and making the tasks seem not too hard to achieve a successful research study;
Friends and Classmate, for not leaving us through the most difficult part of this research study.

Beloved Family most especially to my Girlfriend, whose love and joy cannot be measured by any gauge ever made by man; and

The greatest of all, ALMIGHTY GOD, for giving me strength, good health, blessings and determination to go through all this.

My success, from thou I owed!

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Sample Feasibility Study Outline

I.    Executive Summary

This section is very important part of the feasibility study because it provides summary of the detailed contained within the rest of the document.

II.    Description of Products and Services

This section provides description of the product and/or services. It should capture the important aspects of the products and/or services that the organization or the shareholders is considering.

III.    Technology Consideration

This section explain that the organization consider with regard to technology. Nowadays, modern technology have been used to businesses to improved their products and services.

Feasibility study outline

IV.    Product/Service Marketplace

This part will describes the existing marketplace for the products and/or services  including the target market for this product or services, competitor, suppliers and the reason why your client or customer choose your products or services.

V.    Marketing Strategy

This section provides description on how the products or services will market such as how to promote and advertise it to the prospective client or customer.  Marketing plans should be focused on the right target groups to yield the greatest return on investment.

VI.    Organization and Staffing

This section will enumerate the need for additional staffing or personnel for the new products or services.

VII.    Schedule

This part includes the schedule for the implementation of the product or services including the detailed schedule such as the product planning. It includes some targeted milestones and time frames for completion.

VIII.    Financial Projections

This section provides the description of the financial projections for the new products and/or services such as the cost-benefit calculation, projected income statement, balance sheets. It also provides the assumptions on which the illustrated financial projection are based.

IX.     Findings and Recommendation

This section provides the summary of the findings of the feasibility study and explains why some course of action is or is not recommended such as the advantages and disadvantages. Also, it contains the recommendation for the products and/or services.

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Technical Feasibility Grant

The goal of technical feasibility grant is to fund the cost of the company to undertake a technical study.  Technical study that  pass to their requirements includes the development of new products, processes, technologies  as well as the redesign or improvement of current products , processes or services.  It also includes the possibility of extending or expanding company facilities to meet companies’ needs and application of new technologies for the companies’ growth.

The purpose of writing a technical feasibility study is to know if the project is viable. The content of feasibility study includes; prototyping and design, assessment of manufacturing process, evaluation and selection of plant, source of raw materials, cost analysis and market research.

Technical feasibility study is used to assess the details on how to deliver a product or services. It will determine how your business will produce, store, and deliver products and services. It serves as flowchart on how your product and services progress and move through your business to reach your target market. It involves the study of facility needs and suitability of production technology providers as well as the availability of raw materials, transportation, labor, and products.

Some countries provide technical feasibility grant to the companies who needs financial assistance for their business venture.  So it is important that you write it in a correct format.

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Simple Business Proposal Sample

Proposed Fruit Shake in front of 7-Eleven Store

Name of Business: JCMer Fruit Shake

Proposed Location: JCMer fruit shake will be located in front of 7-eleven store at Paterno St. near Pilar State University

Nature of Business:

JCMer Fruit Shake will serve variety of fruit shakes including Banana Java flavor, Strawberry Banana flavor, Orange Crush flavor, Peachy Oat flavor, Blueberry flavor, Coconut Kale flavor, Avocado Pear flavor, Cranberry flavor, Mango Lasi flavor, Guyabano flavor, Chocolate flavor, Tutti Fruiti flavor, and many more.

This fruit shake will open everyday through Monday to Sunday at 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Marketing Plan

  • Know the total size of the market
  • State the current demand of the product such as fruit shake
  • Know the current trends
  • Evaluate if there is a growth opportunity for the business

Management Aspect

  • Elaborate the roles and responsibilities of each personnel
  • Provides training of the personnel
  • Describe the strategies to be used in order to cope up with the competition

Financial Aspect

  • Total cost of the business
  • Cost Analysis Benefit

Sales Forecast

  • Sales forecast spreadsheet
  • Startup expenses worksheet

Socio Economic Aspect

  • Contribution of the business for the reduction of umemployment
  • Contribution of business to community and economy

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Business Feasibility Study Structure

For all we know, a Business feasibility study is written to know if the business idea will become successful or not when implemented. It serves as an evaluation tool for every business because it will determine whether or not it’s worth investing your time and money to this business idea. Also, it will determine the profitability of the business.

Business feasibility study will analyze your business idea, market and financial feasibility of the business. The objectives of your study are to assess the market size, your competitive analysis, capital requirements, and management ability.

business feasibility studyDuring market analysis, you have to determine the type of demand that available for your product or service you plan to offer such as the consumer and distributor and then establish the size of the market and its growth capacity.

After determining if the market is available, you have to know your competitors and determine what makes your product or service special compare to your competitors. Also, analyze the sales strategy to use. Other factor to consider is to determine the management and personnel requirements.

Of course, before starting your business you have to know the financial feasibility of your business idea including making sales forecast, computing start-up and working capital requirements, estimating profitability and financial viability. Financial projection includes balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, and break even analysis.

Below is an example of Business Feasibility Study outline:

•    Executive Summary
•    Introduction
•    Product or Service
•    Market
•    Competition
•    Industry
•    Marketing and Sales Strategy
•    Operating Requirements
•    Financial Projection
•    Balance Sheet Projection
•    Income Statement Projection
•    Cash Flow Projection
•    Break Even Analysis
•    Financial Requirement
•    Recommendation and Findings
•    Conclusion

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Project Feasibility Study

Project feasibility study is also known as “Bankable Project Studies” because it is one of the major requirements of lending institutions in processing of commercial, industrial or agricultural loan applications.

A feasibility study contains different chapters that will provides information if the proposed project would be financially, economically, technically and socially feasible. Some components of a feasibility study includes executive summary, background study, objectives, project schedule, project cost, deliverables, constraints and assumption, conclusion, and recommendation

A good feasibility study should know the nature of the proposed project well by having technical assistance from qualified experts. Also, feasibility study should be loaded with statistics, documents, data and information needed for the study from available sources. These data and information should analyze and evaluate correctly. In addition, estimation and projection should always close to realities as possible. Last but not the least organize your feasibility study and write it properly.
Always remember conducting a feasibility study is very beneficial to the project because it gives a clear picture of your idea. These benefits are the following:

  • It identifies the objectives to do the project
  • It gives you the complete assessment of the project
  • It provides the time table for the project
  • It helps in decision making of the project
  • It delivers documented status to the business

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Sample System Feasibility Study Outline

Feasibility study is a tool use to determine if the project or business will be successful. It serves as an evaluation since it contains the analyzation of each aspect in order to know the outcome of the proposed solution to the problems. These aspects include technical aspect, marketing aspect, financial aspect and economic aspect and so on. Make sure that before making any decision,

Writing feasibility study is hard when you don’t know how to start. So I make an outline to be used as guidelines. This sample feasibility study is about a Proposed System.

system feasibility study

I. Introduction

a. Purpose

b. Scope

c. System Overview

d. Project References

e. Acronyms and Abbreviations

II. Management Analysis

a. Environment

i. Organizational Structure

ii. Input/Output

iii. Processing

iv. Security

v. System Interaction

b. Current Procedures

c. Objectives

d. Constraints

e. Assumptions

f. Methodology

g. Evaluation and Criteria

h. Recommendation

III. Proposed System

a. Proposed System Description

b. Benefits and Improvements

c. Cost and Time Resource

d. System Effects

i. Software Effects

ii. Equipment Effects

iii. Organization Effects

iv. Operational Effects

v. Developmental Effects

vi. Site and Facility Effects

vii. Security and Privacy Effects

e. Recommendation

IV. Alternative System

a. Description of Alternative System

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Components of a Good Feasibility Study

Writing feasibility study is very essential in business so that entrepreneurs or businessman may know if the proposed business or ideas is profitable. Time and effort in writing feasibility study is worth since feasibility study serves as an evaluation and analysis of a proposed business or proposed project to know if it is technically feasible and it is feasible within the estimated cost.

Here are some components to consider in writing a good feasibility study:

–    Introduction
Background information of the proposed business or proposed project will be described such as the proposed name and purpose of the business. It also includes the skills and experience of the business investors.

–    Business or Project Description
Information about the business or project as well as the nature of industry or nature of the project is discussed in this section.

–    Market Analysis
Current and potential demand of the product or idea is determined. Also, it contains information about the buyers as well as the sales forecast over the first three years.

–    Management Analysis
Skills and talent of the management team or personnel involved in the business or the project should be included. It contains the primary duties of each personnel with the organization structure.

–    Technical Analysis
Detailed requirements of the facilities, inventory and production control is identified.  Also, it provides the raw material needed and other utilities.

–    Risks and Problems
Major and minor risks and problems of the proposed business opportunity or project are elaborated.

–    Economic Analysis
Cost and benefit analysis discussed.

–    Financial Analysis
Total estimated cost of the proposed business or project are included as well as the projected cash flow and profitability.

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Event Proposal

Event proposal is written on proposal on organizing an event. For some people, it takes a great time and effort to have creative and organize event. There are many things to consider when organizing an event such as the venue, equipment, foods, human resource, etc. For instance, if you are organizing a fundraising event so your event must turn a healthy profit and everyone in the event should go home happy and satisfied. So, to save time and effort, some get someone who will organize an event.

event proposal

An event proposal should contain the following items:

  • Event Description
    It contains the overview of what the event is about. It also describes the main participant target groups as well as the event goals.
  • Event Bidder Experience
    It is important to provide information about the organizer of the event or entity bidding for the event so that the reader may assess the capability of the event bidder. It should include the event management experience of the proposed event team.
  • Facilities and Venue Offered
    It includes the venue and your readers want to know if the chosen venue is suitable for the event. It also outlines all facilities available at the venue including everything from car parking to toilets as well as the type of surface, air-conditioning, lighting, seating, electronic equipment, level of maintenance on turf, seating capacity, fencing, drainage and floodlighting. Also, it is nice to mention the attraction to event goers including performers and officials as well the information about public transport to the venue and car parking for those who have car.
  • Proposed Event Program
    In this section, the reader should know the setting of the event. It is important to know the number of days and hours the venue is available. It includes the Event Programme. Also, It contains a proposed entertainment that may start or finish the program or fill some gaps.
  • Proposed Event Budget
    It provides the draft of probable income and expenditure for the event.

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Fiorgelato Ice Cream Franchise Details

Fiorgelato is known as an Italian ice cream brand that is managed by the Milkin Corporation. It is started as a designer ice cream manufacturing company which provides to a well-known restaurants, hotels and food chains. Then, Milkin Corporation granted the exclusive right from Italy to manufacture, sell and to distribute Fiorgelato made of pure Italian ice cream made from 100% pure fresh milk to the Philippine market.

It was September 1994 when the company went under new management wherein Fiorgelato was reintroduced and bring back the Original Authentic Italian Ice Cream which is famous for being the only ice cream made from 100% pure fresh milk and its ingredients imported from Italy.

Fiorgelato is currently looking for partners by franchising their brands. The following are some details of how to franchise Fiorgelato:

fiorgelato ice cream

Types of Fiorgelato Franchise

1. Kiosk Type. The franchise fee for this type of franchise package is Php75,000 and the franchise terms is good for 5 years.

  • Fiorgelato freezer
  • Glass canopy
  • Counter drawer
  • Fiorgelato lighted sign
  • Ice cream containers with aluminum casing
  • Menu board
  • Uniforms
  • Merchandising materials
  • Marketing support
  • Training of staff
  • Operational support and training

2. Counter Type. The franchise fee for this type of franchise package is Php 150,000 and the franchise terms is good for 5 years.

  • Fiorgelato freezer
  • Gass canopy
  • Counter with cabinet casing
  • Fiorgelato logo and lighted sign
  • Coffee brewer with double decanter
  • Ice cream containers with aluminum casing
  • Menu board
  • Uniforms
  • Merchandising materials
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Back cabinet with sink
  • Personal refrigerator
  • Back up freezer
  • Blender
  • Railings
  • Marketing support
  • Training of staff
  • Operational support and training

3. Fior Café Co-Brand. The franchise fee for this Co-Brand type is cost Php 300,000 and the franchise terms is good for 8 years.

  • Fiorgelato freezer
  • Glass canopy
  • Fiorgelato or Fiorcafe logo and lighted sign
  • Ice cream containers with aluminum casing
  • Menu board with beam
  • Uniforms
  • Merchandising materials
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cabinet with sink and drawers
  • Blenders
  • Railings with post and logo sign
  • Small wares
  • Espresso machines
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee brewer with double decanter
  • Waterpump for espresso machine
  • Milk thermometer
  • Display chiller
  • Oven toaster
  • Microwave
  • Two door worktop chiller
  • Marketing support
  • Operation support and trainings

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