Government Proposal

Government makes a request for proposal if they do not have adequate resources for a new project or asking for the purchasing of goods or services. They asked private sector to assist them by issuing a Request for Proposal  (RFPs). When private sector learned about it, they will submit a government proposal or sometimes called government contract proposal.

Private company or sector will present their proposal s targeting the concern of government authority by submitting their plans, solution to their concerns as well as cost of execution.  Proposal should highlight important details to ensure its consideration from the government authority.

The following are some tips in writing government proposal:

  • Government proposal should base on the RFP of the government authority.
  • Make sufficient and accepted research of the project for the government to be executed by authority.
  • Proposal should meet government goals and objectives.
  • Proposal should be divided into different section for easy reading and for identifying the task such as the proposed methods as well as the cost related to it. It will help government authority to understand your proposal effectively.
  • Provides cost benefits analysis and time table for the project
  • Lastly, make sure that your proposal satisfies the need of the government authority in order to gain consideration.
  • Don’t forget to include the tentative date for proposal acceptance and contract information of the company.


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Restaurant Proposal Letter

September 25, 2008

Mr, Roland D. Walls
Island Bank
Ayala, Makati

Dear Mr. Walls,

I am Leonard L. Drakes who working as Head Chef for five stars hotel for 25 years and have acquired several training from different countries including Paris, France, Italy, Canada, Australia and among other. I am very passionate about different food of different cultures and would like to open up a restaurant.

My restaurant will be serving French and Italian cuisine mainly but along with it I will also hire of other cuisine such as Chinese in order to have variety of foods. The main target customer of my restaurant will be for families at very affordable price.

Attached herewith is my business plan. The estimated amount of loan required for this set up is $95,000.

I am looking forward of meeting your for further discussion.

Sincerely yours,

Chef Leonard L. Drakes

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Writing Powerful Sales Proposal

A sales proposal is one of the important documents in the world of business.  It contains product demonstration or idea that will benefit the client.  It is necessary to write a sales proposal in a proper way and organized manner to increase your sales and achieve your goals.

sales proposal

The following are some steps on writing powerful sales proposal:

  • Catch the attention of your prospect client or customer.   It is one of the best tips of all time.  If there is no impact, no one will be interested to read it.
  • Discuss the present problems being encountered.  To catch prospect’s attention is to discuss their current situation before offering anything else.
  • Explain the solution being offered. Discuss how the implemented solution will benefit to their current situation and solve their present problems.
  • Keep your proposal simple.  Prospect’s client should understand your proposal so avoid using too technical terms or jargon words.
  • Make your proposal short. Businessmen are too busy to read too long documents.  It is better to make your proposal short and concise.
  • Use title and heading. In this way, your proposal is easy to read. Headings make your proposal section easy to locate important details.
  • Summarize your proposal.  Those decision makers sometimes jump to the last page of the proposal and skip some details so it is necessary to include a complete summary of your proposal without reading the entire proposal.  You can use bullet point summary


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Short Guide to Proposal Writing

A proposal is written with the purpose of selling or offering something that can help and improve their businesses.  It should answer the question  following questions:

  • What are your proposing?
  • How do you implements your proposal?
  • When your proposal to do it?
  • How much going to cost?

proposalWhen writing a proposal, always consider your readers or audience and use appropriate materials and language to appeal to them. You can provide glossary of terms that explain technical language use in the body of proposal or include appendices which explain technical information.
Just like any document, there are basic composition of proposal such as the beginning (introduction), middle (body of the proposal) and ending (conclusion and recommendation).

  • Introduction – provide the problem intended to solve as well as the solution to that problem.
  • Body of the Proposal – explains the details of the solution including how the job will be done, specifies tasks and the method to be used in order to do it. Equipment, materials and personnel required should be also included.  In addition, the time when the project or work to be completed and presents the cost breakdown of the entire project,
  • End of the Proposal  – contains the conclusion and recommendation for the proposal. It emphasizes the benefits of the project from the solution you are proposing. It urge the readers to take action.

Proposal should be informative because it trying to educate the readers and convince them to do it. It should believe that the reader needs the proposal in order to have greater benefits.  Make them trust that the solution you are offering is practical and appropriate.

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Franchise Proposal

 Franchise Proposal

franchise proposal

Writing a franchise proposal is required to apply for a particular franchise.  Franchise proposal letter is written if you want to invest to a certain business and it is address to the owners to let them know about you and your business background and how you will finance your deal.  When writing a franchise proposal, always remember that you are selling yourself as the part of business package.

One of the most important parts of writing a franchise proposal is to prove the owners that you are capable of running a successful business franchise. Franchise proposal should contain important information to attract the interest of the franchise owner.
The basic structure of writing a franchise proposal are introduction, description of your purposes, business history and experience, detailed business plan, projected income and expenses,  as well as your financial status whether you will have an start up capital or you will obtain loan.
A franchise owner may require a complete detailed business plan which includes your plan to operate the business from inventory product to attendant cost aside from overall business operation of the business. Also, the long term and short term plan as franchiser so that the franchise owner knows your plans for the future.  You can consider consulting other businesses or people who are willing to help you in developing an ideal business plan. You can also attend classes, workshops or seminars to have more knowledge and insights.

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Financial Proposal Tips

Financial proposal is written to determine how much money is allocated to certain project.  It gives a financial details mentioned in the proposal. It is presented after a thorough assessment of various costs and expenditures to be used in the project. It talks about how much money you need, how much money you will be used, security and return of investment.

Financial prDSC05642oposal is also used to present or suggest repairing a financial difficulties or budget in the business or project. It outlines the financial changes the project or business wants.

The following are some financial proposal writing guidelines:

  • Introduce the name of the organization as well as the person who will be participated in the financial project
  • Provides a list of goals to achieve the desired results
  • Elaborate the reason for writing the proposal
  • Clearly explained the need and importance of financial proposal
  • Make a budget and pricing list that explained the fees and charges that must be paid
  • Provides the cost as well the risks involved in the project so that the other party may make good decision
  • Make a title page and appendix to include any pertaining details about the proposal.  This includes the old budget.


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Teaching Methodology Sample Proposal

Proposal Title:  Teaching Methodology for the Engineering Instructor of Pilar State University

I.    Rationale

The purpose of this document is to give the Instructor in Engineering Department a seminar and workshop to develop and improve their teaching skills.

II.    Objectives

General Objectives
–    To offer a quality education among engineering students.
–    To improve the teaching skills of the Instructor in PSU.

Specific Objectives
–    To motivate the student to study well
–    To encourage more student enroll in the school.
–    To gain a quality student.
–    To enhance the skills of the Instructor.
–    To become more effective in teaching.

III.    Strategies/ Methodologies

1.    Planning Phase

-The school will have an exclusive seminar and workshop for the Engineering Instructor.
– All the Instructor in engineering department is require to attend the seminar and workshop.
– It will be conducted in the school place.
-The school will hired a professional speaker to lead the seminar.
-Orientation of the Instructor to the seminar program.

2.    Implementation
–  The workshop will be implemented on March 23- 26 2009 (4 days)

IV.    Work Plan

1. Data Gathering – 20 days
2. Interview – 14 days
3. Observation – 8 days
4. Implementation – 4 days

V. Technical Justification

Materials Needed
Computer (provided by the school)
Projector  (provided by the school)
Speaker (2 people)  (Php 8000.00)
Lunch / Snack    (Php 1000.00)

Project Cost:    Php 9000

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Sample Sponsorship Proposal

August 10, 2000

Mr. Ronel dela Cruz
AHG Company
Pilar St. Quezon City

Dear Mr. dela Cruz:

Good day!

Mr. Santos recommends you regarding a unique sponsorship opportunity for AHG Company,

Maytown International Company will host a garden party and accessories sales event on August 25, 2000.  This event, title, Party with a Purpose, will attract over 200 business and professional businessman from the May town Community.

As our sponsor, you have the opportunity to feature you in front of the crowd. These crowd usually your target market which surely benefits you from this relationship.  Also, you will receive promotional coupons included the raffle that may be used to drive traffic to your company after the event.

The proceeds of your sponsorship will benefits street children of Maytown.  I hope that I have an opportunity to share our full presentation of sponsorship benefits.

I will keep in touch with you on August 15, 2000 to determine if you are interested. In the meantime, please do not hesitate me to call me at my cell phone number if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Marivic dela Fuente
Event Coordinator

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Sample Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Sponsorship proposal is written to offer to do business so it is important that your sponsorship proposal is attractive and well-defined. Make sure that you know what you will have to offer to your sponsor. Write a sponsorship proposal letter to your potential sponsor follow by calling them to assess the interest and seek an appointment to discuss the sponsorship.

Below is an example of sponsorship proposal letter:

Dear Mr. de Jesus:

Kapatiran Foundation invites you to become a sponsor for our quarterly singing challenge to benefit Kapatiran Scholars.

One of the primary sources of funding for singing challenge is from corporate sponsor just like you since our charitable event receives no government funds.

Singing Challenge event will he held on October 25, 2010 at 4:00 in the afternoon at Luisita Garden.  It is a Singing Contest for all ages, everyone will be invited to join.

As everyone knows our organization has provided scholarship program for those qualified students for the past twelve (12) years.  The funds provided by this event will be used for our scholars.

Your sponsorship will help a lot to assure the success of Singing Challenge. Hereby attached is more information on this exciting event and its sponsorship levels.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at (012) 457145. I look forward to speaking with you at your convenience time.

Respectfully yours,

Imelda Malibiran
Kapatiran Representative

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Different Types of Proposal

Proposal is written to offer a solution to a problem or an action in answer to a need such as a need for financial support for a special project.
The following are some of the types of proposal which is written everywhere.

  1. Preliminary or Pre-proposal – This proposal is requested by a sponsor to establish interest in a project.
  2. Solicited Proposal – This proposal is written as response to Request for Proposal (RFP) and should conform by the solicitation requirements issued by the agency.
  3. Unsolicited Proposal – This proposal is submitted anytime even though the sponsor is not issued a specific solicitation.
  4. Competitive Proposal – This proposal is a request for a new budget for the expired project.
  5. Supplemental Proposal – This serve as a request for additional budget for the funded project such as equipment or program modifications.
  6. New Proposal – This proposal is written for the first time to request for a financial assistance for a project.
  7. Competing or Renewal Proposal – This proposal request for continued support for existing project.
  8. Revised Proposal – This proposal is resubmitted that a project may be funded but there is specific changes in the proposal should be made. It should follow the sponsor instructions.
  9. Renewal Proposal – This proposal is also a request for additional funding. It is also subject to review criteria as new proposal.


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