Medical Health Proposal

Medical Health Proposal is written with the intention of helping or offering someone for medical and health issues including employees, student, or anyone who need medical attention.  It is clearly identified the real health issues along with the solution to manage it.  The one who written a medical health proposal are usually the physician, medical representative, manager of medical group, medical mission group, medical insurance representative, supplier of pharmaceutical or in the hospital records management and other sector which promote medical health.  Some of the reasons of writing a medical health proposal is grow your business and attract clients and secure funding.

There are steps in writing the medical health proposal which are the introduction of yourself, describe and identify your client’s need, provides information on your goods or services you offered as well as the list of cost and finally convince your client or grant committee that you best choice to provide solution.  A typical medical health proposal contains a cover letter, list of products and services offered as well as the corresponding cost or price.

In the first part of your medical proposal should provide services and the abilities which can be start with the name, company address and date of proposal submission with the name and other details of the target client or organization. While in second part, you can specify the goals of your proposal such as to take care of your overall health. In the third part, you can provide the budget for your proposal. Make sure that you budget should match with the actual and the project is feasible for implementation.

Sample Medical Health Proposal are the following:

  • Proposed Health Insurance Policies for ABC Corporation
  • Medical Mission for Rural Areas
  • Proposed Medical Clinic in Hi-Way Areas
  • Proposed Health Insurance in Rural Areas
  • Annual Medical Screening for EYC Corporation

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Restaurant Business Proposal Sample

All business needs an improvement in order to be successful.  Such improvement includes the implementation of new rules and policies as well as new plans.

In order to operate a computer shop, it is a need to upgrade everything on the shop including both hardware and software. Also, provide employee a training program to

Below is an example of Restaurant Business Proposal

Business Name:  Save and Delete Computer Shop

Summary:  It has been 3 years of journey.  During the year of operation, we have learns a lot of things of how to improve our services on our customer.  It is really an honor to know that our customer always appreciate our efforts in bringing them a satisfaction in every task they given to us. Because of high demands, we have planned to set up new branch near the town proper to serve them better for the convenience of our customer.

Plan of Action:

  •   Open a new branch near town plaza to provide more services and convenience to our customer live near plaza.
  •   Hired potential employees who have equip with more skills in computer including web designing,
  •   Provides brand new computers.
  •   Train our personnel in computer skills

Estimated Cost:
The estimated cost will be Php405000.  This cost includes the 10 computer sets as well the operating expenses

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Components of a Proposal

The following are some components of a winning business proposal:

  1. Title – It contains the title of your business proposal and what the proposal is about in a clear manner.
  2. Executive Summary – It has basic information about your business proposal including the objectives, solution, methodology and cost.  It  should limited to 2 to 3 pages since it just provide the overview of your business proposal.
  3. Introduction – It should detail of your company as well the major activities of your business and the history of past relevant endeavors.  Also, it contains the purpose and objectives of your business proposal.
  4. Problem Statement – The problem should clearly define and details what the proposal is trying to achieve. It provides facts, interview and statistics as well as the significance of the need and the reason why needs a solution and objectives of your business proposal. It is important to provide evidence that support the need to come up with a solution.
  5. Solution to the Problem –  It contains the steps and actions to be taken in order to solve the current problem. It provides the description of your business proposal such as the operations to be used.
  6. Work Plan – It provides the approaches and methodology proposed to achieve the objectives and goals.
  7. Budget – It contains the cost of your business proposal including the pricing to implement the proposed project, cost projection of cash flow, balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cost benefit analysis and sources of funds.
  8. Evaluation – It includes the degree if the objectives were met and the procedures were followed.
  9. Conclusion – It contains the review of what the project will achieve.  Also, it will restating the problem and the reason why the proposed solution will succeed.


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Business Proposal Construction

Business proposal is written to suggest a business offers to a prospective client. It serves as sales tool since it either a sell of idea or products.  It also categorized into two type of proposal, namely solicited business proposal and unsolicited business proposal.

Solicited business proposal has an organized and detailed format provided by the client. It often publishes a Request for Proposal has an organized and detailed format provided by the client. It often publish a Request for Proposal  for bid.

Unsolicited business proposal is written to target individuals or client with an attempt to present a product or service to the potential customers.

Whatever type of business proposal it may be, it should always provide a clear business intention by identifying objectives and purposes. Your proposal should unique and different on any business proposal in order to have a winning proposal. Also, describe the problems being solved as well as the needs of the company and then offer a solution. Make sure that the solution will be delivered and attainable.

In addition, your business proposal should provide the benefits your client will get once approve your proposal. Other important elements is the cost of your proposal if it is worth it and acceptable.

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Discussion of Results, Conclusion and Recommendation

Current System

  1. Records cannot be easily updated
  2. Having a hard time to scan the pages of a book
  3. Having a hard time to view all the information in just one time.
  4. Graduation students is the primary user of the system
  5. It is just a yearbook, no applications can be access

Proposed Annual Website

  1. Can add, edit, or delete record easily
  2. Can easily access the yearbook thru the internet
  3. Viewer friendly
  4. Anyone can be a user, who at least know how to surf on the internet are also qualified to use the Annual Website
  5. Can send information to other sites or to other people and to other country


Internet is the best way of connecting with other computers throughout the world.  Many people and companies wanted to be connected in the Internet and having your own web page is the key to this connection.
So we have come up with our general conclusion that having your own web page will turn to be a great help for yourself, your relatives as well as organizations and companies you are in to.  Another is that graduating students such as Computer Science students are glad and willing to have their information accessible in the internet based on survey we have made.


We highly recommend that all students must have their own web page for this will benefit them. We also suggest that these webpages be combined and come up with a yearbook accessible in the internet.

Discussion of Results, Conclusion and Recommendation
Discussion of Results

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Sample of Work Activities and Schedule

It is very important to have a detailed work activities as well as the corresponding schedule so that you will know the flow of your project.  You should establish the timeline for completing work activity. Give enough each activity to complete associated task before the deadline.  Planning and organizing is one of the best ways to keep focused and makes it ensure to tackle all necessary steps for success. It allows to track progress for the activity.  Some use gantt chart to represent a project schedule since it is useful in planning how long a project would take. Gantt chart shows the amount of work done completed in a certain period of time.

The following is a Detailed Work Activities and Schedule for the Proposed Philippine Airlines Aviation Fuel Tank Farm Project:
Activities and Duration

  1. Site Inspection and Analysis of Berthing Facility – 1 month
  2. Design of Fuel Tanks – 1 month
  3. Design of Fuel Loading/Unloading Pump and Piping Facilities – 2 months
  4. Design of Fire Protection System for Fuel Tank, Fuel Pump House and Marne Berth – 2 months
  5. Design of Fire Protection System for Ancillary Structure – 3 months
  6. Design of Air Conditioning and Ventilation System  for Ancillary Structure  – 3 months
  7. Preparation of Technical Specifications – 3 months
  8. Preparation of Bill of Quantities – 1 month


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Sample Introduction, Product Overview and Rationale


Annual Website is a window based processing software.  It provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for inputting and modifying changes.  Also, it allows the user to choose what they want to click in the site.
Systems Requirements are as follows:

Hardware Requirements:

•    At least Pentium 500 MHz Processor
•    At least 64 MB of RAM
•    At least 2950 MB of 8212 MB Free Hard Disk Space
•    Standard Mouse
•    Keyboard

Software Requirements

•    Microsoft Windows 98/2000
•    Microsoft FrontPage 2000
•    Corel Draw 8
•    Internet Explorer

Overview of the Product

Annual Website is application software that access Web Pages through which you can avail of different topics or information within the Department of ComSci.  Basically, it serves as an annual or yearbook which is yearly by Bataan Heroes Memorial College.

Rationale of the Product

Annual Website is for keeping that information in a more understandable representation.  It initiates a home page in which you can easily access with other pages.  It is easier for the students to search in just one click of your mouse. Also, it is very convenient to use.

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Review of Related Literature Sample

History of the Web

Tim-Berner’s Lee, a computer specialist from the European Particle Physics Laboratory (CERN) in 1989, initially conceived the web.  As he said, there was  “a need for a collaborative knowledge-sharing tool” to support scientific or any kind of advancement in an international context.  He and his partner Robert Cailliau created a prototype web and released it to the Internet community for testing and comments.  Since then it has grown into the web we know today under the guidance of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that is a volunteer organization based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with responsibility for developing and maintaining common standards.

Perhaps the single most important technological development in the history of the web itself, was the development of graphical browsers in the early 90s. Beginning with the NCSA’s Mosaic and its evolution into Netscape Navigator and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, these programs allowed users to browse the resources on the web in an extremely user friendly environment.  This made the web a “fun” place marked the beginning of the true web revolution.

The web is a complex, international cross platform, cross language, cross cultural mesh of servers, clients, users, databases, and quite a few artificial intelligence all taking, working, searching, viewing, accessing, downloading, and who knows what else.  As such, no one owns or controls the web.  In fact, it is impossible to own or control by its very nature and design.  In fact, it is not even an it.  You can’t hold the web or make it tangible.  Instead, you can think of the web not as a thing, but as a process, an action, ‘a medium of communication.  This fact has profound implications on how you should think about designing web pages.

The web is not synonymous with the internet through some people may think so.  Actually, the web is one way to utilize the infrastructure of the internet.  In other words, the web is an application of the internet.

Differences between the web and paper

One of the first things most people will tell you as they explain the fundamentals of web design is that the web pages are not like paper pages.  In these ways, it is true:

Static vs Dynamic.  Paper is static.  Once something  is printed on paper, it doesn’t change.  A web page, however, can chance at any moment.   For this reason, it is essential to make sure that the information on you web page is current.  Imagine getting last week’s newspaper on your doorstep.  No one wants to read old news.   They will skip over your site and go to another site that has been recently updated.  Even if there is no new information present, it’s good to find something to change daily or weekly or even monthly, such as “tip of the day”, a list of “monthly activities/events”, or even a comic strip.

An international audience.  The web is accessible from virtually anywhere in the world as compared to paper, and it is important to take into consideration that a portion of your audience will probably be from another country.  (This, of course, doesn’t apply to local businesses and organizations that only target people within a specific region.)  It you aim to reach people all over the world, English is the preferred language.  The use of slang or colloquialisms should be minimized, and keep the language simple so people from other cultures, and those who read English as their second language can understand.

The Web becomes paper.  One thing to consider in the web versus paper is that the web can become paper if a web page is printed out while it is much more difficult to input the contents of a paper page into the web.
Multimedia.  Paper doesn’t really have multimedia.  At most, it has images.  The images on paper are usually very detailed and appear instantly.  On the web, they usually carry less detail and the user has to wait for them to download before they can be viewed.  Usually the text appears before the images.  Even so, images put on the web enhance and define the written text messages, besides as mentioned before; images in the web over paper is that it can carry sound and video, provided that certain technologies exist on both the client and server side.  It is important to make sure that multimedia carries nonessential information, as some or all of it may be inaccessible to a large portion of your audience.

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Recommendation Proposal Letter

July 15, 2005

Mrs. Rita Africa
School Principal
Central Elementary School
Sta. Rosa, Balanga City

Dear Mrs. Africa:

Based on an inspection trip conducted by Dr. Jose Aquino, School Physician, and Mr. Chelo Castro, School Nurse, at the School Canteen at the Central Elementary School last June 2005, the following recommendations are hereby proposed:

  • Wearing of uniforms, hairnets and aprons at the kitchen crew;
  • Repair and/or replacement of tiles at the lavatory;
  • Restoration of the cooking area near the rear windows for proper ventilation;
  • Construction of cupboards and cabinets for kitchen utensils and racks for casseroles and cooking pans;
  • Installation of permanent sockets and power outlets;
  • Transfer of soft drinks cylinders away from the comfort rooms;
  • Provision of pail or containers with cover for left-over food;
  • Adequate and sanitary space or area for food preparation, specially for raw food;
  • Empty bottles and other disposable containers should be discarded at once;
  • Improvement of the comfort room (construction of a roof and installation of an exhaust fan);
  • Regular cleaning of soft drink coolers and ref;
  • Screening of the school canteen;
  • Weekly general cleaning; and
  • Regular disinfection with Domex or Lysol disinfectants

The recommendations, once implemented, shall redown to the prevention of diseases among students and other users of the canteen, as well as the upliftment of the health and sanitary conditions at the school canteen.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jose Aquino
School Physician

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Kinds of Proposal Format

Proposal has different formats. Choosing the right format for your proposal is very challenging since your should get it right to have a winning proposal.  The format you choose is greatly affects how your reader will interprets your proposal.  It is important to implement a sales friendly format considering your layout and designs as well as the kinds of format your client’s wants. The kinds of proposal format is depends on the requirements of your client.

The following are the kinds of proposal format

  1. Construction Proposal.  It includes all necessary documentation for the construction project. It is a narrative details the projects including project’s goals, description, objectives, purpose and rationale.
  2. Business Services Proposal.  It looks like a sales presentation because it is composed of service brochures, overviews, referrals from clients.  It also includes the pricing and delivery details.
  3. Response to Request for Proposal.  The client is the one who provides the format for the proposal. The reason why the client wants their format is to easily compare their request to the response.
  4. Quotation for Services Format.  The format for quotation for services is a detailed response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) document.  It itemized the list of services the firm will provide and any services that will be provided by a subcontractor.


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