Dengue Prevention Project Proposal

I.  Activity: Dengue Prevention through Residual Spraying
Venue: PSU campus
Beneficiaries: PSU Students and Employees

II. Proposed Date:  May 05, and 6, 2011

III. Background Rationale:

Records of Dengue cases admitted at the different local hospitals showed that a remarkable number of such cases come from Nueva Ecija.  So we must take the necessary precautions and actions to prevent Dengue from spreading in our campus.
Residual Spraying is one of the means in the prevention and control of spread of the carrier mosquitoes.

IV. Objective

– To prevent the spread of dengue cases in all our campuses.

V. Description

– Activity
Residual spraying of all classrooms, offices, workshops, grounds and facilities

Schedule of spraying is on May 5, and  6, 2011 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

VI. Estimated Budgetary Requirement

Deltamax 2.5 WP (Php550 x 120 sachets)   Php 66,000.00
Equipment and Labor Cost – Php 12,000.00
Food and Snacks    – Php 1,500.00
TOTAL – Php 79,500.00

Prepared and Submitted by:

Ross Ann Carlos
Nurse III

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Steps in Writing a Business Proposal

For you to write a proposal easily, all you have to do is follow simple steps and it will ensure that you may have a successful proposal. The purpose of writing a proposal is to convince your reader that your proposed ideas is clearly superior to those submitted by the competitors. Proposal is serves as a sale tool.  It should possess a high quality of a formal technical report.
The following are some simple steps in writing a proposal:

  • Collect all available pertinent information including your customer and competitors. Make necessary research to find out everything related to your business.
  • Analyze and study the collected data and make an introduction.  Begin with the cover letter that introduces your company and then the title page as well as the table of contents if it is lengthy.
  • Write your executive summary that provides the purpose because it is the most important part of your business proposal it should be free of jargon words or too technical terms.  Readers should be able to understand it according to their language.
  • Provides your client an information such as technical details, price details, schedules, training information   and other documentations.
  • Write a rough draft and work for it until you satisfied with your work
  • Review and revise your copy of your business proposal including grammar and spelling
  • Proofread your business proposal with your friend to find minor mistake or error
  • Finalize your work

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Sample Simple Project Proposal

Project Title: Proposed Intergroup Relation Training and Development for the JCN Bakery & Grocery
Project Proponent: Reina Samaniego
Project Location: JCN Bakery & Grocery,  Orion, Bataan

I.    Rationale

JCN Bakery & Grocery is one of the biggest grocery stores in Balanga. It has different branches in Bataan located at Orion, Dinalupihan and in Balanga. The main focus of this proposal is to give the employees training about how to have a good relation among them and in the other group.

II.    General Objectives

Intergroup Training development will maintain and improve the relationship among the employees.

Specific Objective

–    To motivate the employees to work efficient.
–     To encourage them to have a good relation among the employees.
–    To enhance the skills of the employees.
–    To avoid Intergroup conflicts among the employees.
–     To increase job satisfaction.
–     To encourage them to have a quality service.
–     To improve and maintain good management.
–     To promote cooperation and good communication among the employees.

III.    Strategies

1.    Planning Phase
– Data Gathering about the company profile.
– Observing the employees relationship.
– Conducting questionnaires and interviews with the employees.
– Analyzing the problem.
– Meeting with the owner, to set the place and the needed things.
– Setting the place where the event will happen.

2. Implementation
The training will be implemented on March 14 to March 17 2009 ( 4 days ) at the convention room of Elizabeth bodega and grocery.

IV.    Work Plan

1. Data Gathering – 3 days
2. Observation – 7 days
3. Interview and Conducting questionnaire – 7 days
4. Analysis of the Problem – 5 days
5.  Meeting with the owner – 2 days
6. Setting the Place = 2 days
7. Implementation – 4 days

V.    Technical Justification

Materials Needed

Computer – (provided by the company)
Projector – provided by the company)
Chairs – (provided by the company)
Miscellaneous expense – P    500.00
Professional cost (2 person) – 6,400.00 ( 3,200 x 2)
Lunch / Snacks – 1,500.00

Project Cost:                    P 8,400.00


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Schedule of Activities for Proposed Centralized Admission Program

Schedule of Activities for Proposed Admission Program

  1. Sending of Letters to the Principals of Secondary Schools and School to School Campaign / Career Guidance.  Maximum of Four (4) Guidance Personnel and One (1) Driver.
  2. PSU-CAT Application and Processing
  3. PSU-CAT Data Encoding and Checking of Answer Sheets
  4. Testing Dates
  5. PSU-CAT Results Finalization and Ranking. (Assigned Guidance Personnel and PSU-MIS Personnel)
  6. PSU-CAT Results Printing and Binding (All Guidance Personnel)
  7. Posting of Results and Distribution to Key University Officials and Deans of the PSU-CAT Results (All Guidance Personnel )

Target Dates
November  26  up to April 12, 2000

  1. Areas Covered (Bataan, Pampanga, Olongapo)
  2. Guidance and Admission Office
  3. PSU Main Guidance and Admission Office
  4. CEA Bldg.
  5. MIS Bldg.

Budget Requirements for the Proposed Admission Program

  1. LCD Projector, Laptop, Powerpoint Presentation
  2. Tarpaulin for wall and for poster
  3. Promotional Materials such as Career Guidance Posters, Customized Fans/Calendar, Ballpens, Flyers
  4. Meal and Gas Allowance
  5. Application Forms
  6. Bulletin Information
  7. OLSAT Eight Edition Answer
  8. Six Factor Personality Questionnaire includes test manual, test booklets, quick score answer sheets, profile forms)
  9. College Adjustment Scale includes manual, reusable booklet, autoscore forms


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School Proposal Cover Letter

November 12, 2011

Edgardo L. Rosanes, Ed.D.
University President
This Institution

Dear Sir:

Greetings of Peace and Gratitude!

As the University welcomes the second semester of A.Y. 2012 – 2013 with the senior high school students commencing on college entrance preparation, we are presenting to your kind office the proposed Admission Program for Academic Year 2012 – 2013.

A school to school information dissemination as the marketing campaign tool spearheads the activity list.  Then, the processing of the application and test administration follows.

To administer the college admission test, we would like to propose a two (2) day examination (February 18 and March 24, 2012) instead of the three (3) month long testing schedule.  Though it would require acquisition of additional testing materials, we believe that our university can cut cost on paying testing personnel fees, thus would be more advantageous to the university.

May this merit your approval.  Thank you for your usual support to the Guidance Office.

Respectfully yours,

Lenita L. Roxas
Guidance Coordinator

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What is Proposal

Proposal is a communication which sells an idea, concept, piece of equipment or furniture, complex system and a service or anything else. A memorandum is also consider a proposal if contains a purchase of anything or suggesting a more effective system for the use of the company.

Also, a proposal defines a problem which has a purpose of solving it.  The suggested solution will be the proposal. It should convince the reader or panel that the proposed undertaking is feasible or superior to those submitted by competitors in cases of public biddings.

A proposal is also consider a sales tool since it should convinces the prospective client or customer to invest their money in the proposed product, idea or services.

There are two types of proposal including solicited and unsolicited proposal.  If the proposal is answering an invitation to bid it is called solicited proposal.  Many proposals are written in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from a government or non profit agency.  Some small and medium sized businesses are now give out RFPs to fulfill their needs for best products and services.

When writing a proposal, it usually states the purpose as well as the background information of why you are proposing your suggestion and then state the solution to the problem.  Also, provide the cost that involves in your proposal and end up with the conclusion by restating the problem and the proposal solution.

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Sample Grant Proposal Cover Letter

September 15, 2004

Mayor Rosalinda Santiago
Tondo Municipal Office
Tanawan, Batangas

Dear Mayor Santiago

This letter is to propose and submit the enclosed request for funding for your consideration.

The purpose of this request is to secure funding for the purchase of computer scanner to be used by Electronic Processing Department. This device is important in terms of digitizing images such as converting paper documents to digital formats and scanning receipts of clients.

Computer scanner will help be used to back up important paper files into digital format and saving it to the multiple locations. Other use of scanner is the ability ti scan and save print photos and documents into digital format.

The current cost of computer scanner is only Php 5,500.00.  This device is branded and heavy duty so it doing multiple scanning activities.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Leonardo de Poldo
EDP President


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Project Sample Proposal

Project Type: Two Storey Residential Structure
Project Cost: P3,200,000.00 (Three Million Two Hundred Thousand Pesos)

Scope of Works

I.    General Requirements
a.    Mobilization, Materials Handling
a.    Site Clearing
b.    Temporary Facilities
c.    Demolition
d.    Excavation
e.    Demobilization
f.    Hauling

II.    Concrete Works
a.    Foundation      (Excavation, Pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)        b.    Footing      (Excavation, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
c.    Wall Footing (Excavation, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
d.    Tie Beams (Excavation, formworks, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
e.    Columns (Formworks, scaffolding, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
f.    Beams (Formworks, scaffolding, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
g.    Roof Beams (Formworks, scaffolding, pouring of concrete, steel fabrications)
h.    Concrete Slab Works (Formworks, scaffolding, poring of concrete, steel fabrications)
i.    Canopies
j.    Counter Top
k.    Fencing are excluded
l.    Outdoor slab works are excluded

III.    Masonry Works
a.    CHB Laying and CHB reinforcements
b.    Brick Works (Limited to conservative finish)
c.    Stone Works (Limited to conservative finish)

IV.    Roofing and Tinsmitry
a.    Truss work
b.    Roofing Installations (.40mm thick Rib Type Roofing)
c.    Gutter Installations (Colored S-gutter)

V.    Finishing Works
a.    Plastering
b.    Ceiling Works ( Limited to conservative finish)
c.    Tile Works
-Ground Floor common areas (Granite Tiles .60x.60m)
-Toilet and Bath (.20x.30 and .20x.20m ceramic tiles)
-Counter Top (Granite Tiles .60x.60m)
-Laminated Flooring for al l rooms
-Second floor common areas (Granite Tiles .60x.60m)
d. Painting Works (Interior and exterior painting)
e. Carpentry works , Cabinets(Limited to conservative finish, surface prepared but not painted)
f. Doors (Panel and flush doors, aluminum framed sliding doors, hardware)
g. Windows (Aluminum framed sliding, awning and fixed windows)
h. Landscaping are excluded
XV.            Electrical Works
a.    Electrical rough-ins, power and lighting lines
b.    Main entrance, Panel board
c.    Lighting and power fixtures are excluded (switches, outlets, drop lights, pin lights, other fixtures)

XVI.    Sanitary Works
a.    Septic Vault
b.    Sanitary lines
c.    Installation of fixtures (Bath tub,Shower and heater fixtures are excluded)
d.    Storm drain

XVII.    Plumbing Works
a.    Cold Water line installations
b.    Deep well, pump installations (Excluded)

XVIII.    Metal Works (Stairs,Veranda Steel Railings) (Gate, Fence,Window Grilles, and other items not included in the items are excluded)

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Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Problem Statement:  

One of the problems of EthMer Agency is the slow processing of member’s information since they have hundred of members right now.  Whenever there is a hiring,  clerk and secretary will find each member’s information to find out if they have a qualified member for the job vacancy as well as their contact number.

Proposed Solution:

To eliminate the manual processing and finding of member’s information, it is a necessity to buy a computer which allows to store information for easily retrieve of member’s data and reduce the over time of employees. Saving and effort will be cost effective since employees will not require to have an overtime pay.

Steps Involved

  1. Buy a computer that has Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel.
  2. The clerk or secretary will encode all member’s data and information using either Excel or Word.
  3. Also, consider to buy a printer so that employees will have to print important information and browse it manually.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Save effort and time of clerk or secretary since they are computer literate
  • Easy retrieval of employee’s data and information
  • Reduce the cost of overtime pay
  • Satisfied member since they don’t have to wait for a longer period of time
  • Satisfied client as well because you will provide workers for the short period of time

Potential Problem:

The cost of a set of computer including printer is Php35,000.00.  The new computer would pay for itself within seven (7) months of use.

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Fundraising Proposal

Fundraising proposal is written to ask some donation.  It should include organization name and logo as well as the description of your organization such as the vision and beneficiary of the organization.  Also, it should have the personnel abstract, objectives, goals, aims and the budget information. It should also provide the mission and vision of your organization and list down all your beneficiaries.

In the introduction section, it includes the overview and fundraising goals and relate it the beneficiary need. Highlights the benefits if ever the proposal will become successful/

Next to introduction will be the background section.  It should be written the reasons why you are asking for the donation.  Describe how will you complement beneficiary’s mission and comply with its fundraising guidelines.

Also, provides details for the budget and time schedule.  It should indicate the milestone dates for work accomplishment including progress report for the mobilization, sponsorship solicitations, invitations and venue reservation, marketing strategies, and so on.

The most important one is to identify the budget information such as the details of the financial statement as well the expenses.

The last part of your proposal could be the conclusion wherein you can reiterate proposed fundraiser’s benefits.

When writing a proposal, it should be short and concise.  It should also be easy to read by writing a short sentences and use bulleted list. Just make paragraph to less than ten (10) lines. Make sure to search for the correct spelling and grammar errors before sending it.

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