Sample Proposal Letter for Flower Arrangement

Mrs. Lorna Tolentino
Cupang Subd.
Balanga City, Bataan

May 25, 2001

Subject: Proposal for Wedding Flower Arrangement

Dear Mrs. Tolentino:

We received your request for a quote of flower arrangement for the wedding of your sister on June 11, 2001 at Amanda Resort.

We would like to thank you for showing interest in our service.  The following are the lists of proposal as per details.

  1. The cost of flower decoration will be Php 8,000.  This includes the materials and labor.
  2. Our representative will call you to confirm and discuss the programs.
  3. We need 3 hours to get the venue ready so that it will be ready when guest start coming.
  4. Lydia, Rene and Jocelyn will be in-charge and totally responsible for the assignment.  If you have any request during program, you can call them.
  5. We require a 50% down payment upon signing contract and the balance will be after the event.

We assure you of excellent service.  Thank you for trusting us.

Very truly yours,


Myrna Diuco

JayCel Flower Shoppe

Sample Proposal: Computerized Payroll System for ABC Store

To: Engr. Ricardo Lim
From: Maya Grace Hipolito
Date: January 12, 2005
Subject: A proposal to purchase a Computerized Payroll System (CPS)


I am writing to propose a solution to a problem in my accounting department.  The problem is that the manual payroll system is experiencing slow processing of data and also very costly since it takes up lot of time, resources and money. Our accounting personnel will need to have an overtime pay since they extend time to compute the payroll of our employees.  Ordering a computerized payroll system will minimize errors, time, money and resources.

Problem with the Current Payroll system

As of now, we have 2,000 employees so the payroll system is really a big task to our accounting department.  Using our current payroll system, there is a delayed salary of employees due to tedious task of computing wages and payroll tax computation as well as voluntary deduction. In addition, there is a high room for errors since more manual computations the more errors prone to make.

Solution to the Problem

A purchase of a computerized payroll system will make payroll processing faster and efficient. I propose to order computerized payroll software from ABC Software House.  XYZ Enterprise and Digi Innovative Corporation are already using a Computerized Payroll System. It is about time to make a change since our company becomes bigger and bigger.

The following are some benefits of Computerized Payroll System

  • Accurate and faster processing of data since there is no manual computation of payroll. Calculation is correct as long as the inputted data is correct.
  •   Convenience to use. It records and tracks everything wherever you are in just one click.
  •  Payroll deduction processing makes easy.  There is a withholding tax tables, SSS table, Philhealth table embedded in the system and figures employee salaries.
  •   Process 13th month pay with tax adjustment upon resignation or during year end.
  •   Automatic deduction for loan since it has the loan status monitoring
  •   Provides report for payroll reports automatically including pay slip, Payroll Account Summary, Monthly contribution (SSS, Philhealth, Pag-ibig, etc.) and other customized reports.


The cost of a Computerized Payroll System is Php 50,000.  Free demo and tutorial for our accounting staff as well with three (3) months training using the Computerized Payroll System. They will help during the period of transition. It is user-friendly and it is easy to install.

We already have a hardware requirements for Computerized Payroll System (CPS), we only need is a software that will be installed in our computer and laptops.


In conclusion, I think it is a great benefit to our company for you to approve this proposal and order a Computerized Payroll System.

Purchasing payroll system will provide business management solutions through the financial record of employees’ salaries, bonuses, net pay and deductions that it can generate.

Computerized payroll system will eliminate the manual payroll processing which requires our accountant to perform all payroll tasks manually.  Using a manual payroll processing is a time consuming and also there have a chance for errors.

I really hope that you will think of approving this proposal for our accounting department.  Our employee will get satisfaction as well our accounting staff that a manual process cannot provide.

Formal and Informal Proposal

Formal Proposal is usually respond to Request for Proposal (RFPs) from external source These RFPs is normally have specific guidelines and format for your proposal.  While in informal proposal is written as memos since it is a formal report within the organization or company.

The structure for informal proposal is much simple than informal proposal.  Informal proposal compose of purpose of your proposal and problem statement as well as background and scope. Scope is written to know the limitations of your proposal. Also, include the planned approach in order to solve the problem and how it will be implemented. Other components include personnel, facilities and equipment, budget and project timeline.  At the last part, you can write a conclusion which provides a summary of the entire proposal with the information of your contact details

Writing formal proposal is more difficult than informal proposal since the components if more complicated. In addition, external source will be given a format to be followed.  These components include cover letter, introduction, purpose of the proposal, methodology, project timetable, required facilities and equipment, resume, bibliography and appendices. Also you should include summary, table of contents and list of figures and tables.

Proposal is written to solve whether it is formal or informal proposal.  Examples of problems are outdated system, low volume of sales, slow processing of information, poor service, and many more.  These problems can be solved using methods that can be elaborate in your proposal through feasibility study and business plan.

Proposal Cover Letter

Proposal cover letter is very essential to get a proposal accepted since it is the first thing that authorities will read. It contains an introduction which gives the reader an idea about the proposal as well as the objectives and goals and how the organization or company will benefit from the proposed project.

Proposal cover letter will help the reader to go through the necessary information of the proposal within a short time.  It should provide enough information and shows that it has a strong solution to their requirements.

The following are some tips before writing a proposal cover letter:

  •  Receiver name should write properly such as his/her correct name, designation and address.
  •  Start by defining the problem that you intent to solve because in this way you will catch attention of the reader right away.
  •  Next, state how you will implement the solution to solve the problem by giving specific action to assure the reader that you have a definite plan.
  • Mention the time period to complete the job.
  • Also, state the funds needed to for the project.
  • Tell the reader to consider recommendations and how the solution in your proposal can help to solve the problem.
  • Lastly, before submitting the proposal cover letter, review any errors in spelling, grammar and format.  Double check if the proposal cover letter is accurate.


Some Characteristics of a Sample Proposal

Many students nowadays are using computer for their research and projects. They often search for the sample work so that they can be used it as a guide to their research or project.  Some sample work is a sample proposal.   Students and researcher must aware that they get the best sample proposal. Below is some characteristics of a good proposal.

  •  The objectives and goals of the project is clearly stated and given in detail.
  • Make sure to have complete parts of a proposal including title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, facilities, personnel, duration, project cost, conclusion and appendix.
  • Methods and procedures is the heart of the proposal so activities and methodologies to be used should be described with as much detail as possible and the continuity between them should be visible.
  • There is a complete and detailed schedule of activities for the projects.
  • Budget and cost of the project are consistent.
  • All major issues should be indicated in the proposal guidelines and are clearly addressed in the proposal.
  • The uses of money are indicated in the proposal narrative as well as in the budget.
  • The qualifications of personnel or staff are clearly communicated.
  • Writing style should be clear and brief to help the reader understand the problem and the proposal.
  • Appendices should be used appropriately


Proposal Letter Sample

April 10, 2000

Ms. Merecel D. Santos
Merecel Catering Services
Sta. Cruz, Manila

Dear Ms. Santos:

I am pleased to invite Merecel Catering Services to become the exclusive food provider for the East Asia Batch 92 Reunion held on April 25 at Santana Park.

The event will run from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, and we expect over 500 alumni to be there.  We will conduct games, teacher tributes and souvenir and novelty distribution

Your support will be recognized on our event program, promotional flyers and signs we will have up on the day of the event.

I look forward to answering any questions you may have. I hope you will be able to be a part of this event.

Sincerely yours,

Michael D. Flores
Alumni President

Proposal Materials and Finishes for Apartment

Project Title: Proposed One (1) Storey Four Door Apartment

Materials and Finishes Proposal:

Roof frame : Long Span Metal Roofing Apo Rib Type
Eaves : Steel Frame System
Gutter : Pre-Painted G.I. Gutter

Ground Floor : Ceramic tile
T & B Floor : Ceramic tile

Exterior Walls : Acrytex (semi-gloss) paint finish
Interior Walls  : Latex (semi-gloss) paint finish

Interior ceiling : 1/4” marine plywood / paint finish

Main Door, Bedroom doors : Flush Type, marine plywood, paint finish
T & B Doors: Aluminum door

Plumbing: Toilet Fixtures, water closets and accessories

Proposed One Storey House and Bill of Materials and Estimates

Project Title: Proposed One Storey Three (3) Bedroom Residence

Bill of Materials and Estimates

I.    Concrete and Masonry      – 398,502.50

40 kgs Portland Cement
Washed sand
5” chb
4” chb
8 mm bars
9 mm bars
12 mm bars
GA #16 tie wire
3/4 crushed gravel

II.    Carpentry – 38,775.00

1/4” x 1/4” thk ordinary plywood
1/4” x 1/4” marine plywood
1” x 2” x 1 1/2″ x 12 coco lumber
2” x 2” x 12” lumber
2” x3” x 12” lumber
Assorted nails

III.    Steel Trusses – 45,485.00

L bar 3/16×1 1/2x 1 ½”
C-Purlins 2x3x1.20
C-Purlins 2x6x1.0
1/8 x 1 ½ Flat Bar
Welding Rod
Metal Primer
Paint Thinner
Paint Brush
Hacksaw Blade

IV.    Roofing Materials – 61,772.50

Longspan sheet roofing
Ridge roll
Type-S Sealant
Silicon Sealant
Touch-up paint
Color Gutter 24”

V.    Doors – 20,792.00

Main panel door
Panel door .80 x 2.10
3  1/2×3 1/2 hinges
PVC Flush door
Door knobs

VI.    Windows – 45,300.00

1.40 x 1.20 aluminum sliding window
0.50 x 0.60 aluminum sliding window

VII.    Plumbing Rough-in – 15,340.00

Water closets
Stainless Kitchen Sink
4” x 4” Floor Strainer
12 mm water faucet
Water line
PVC assorted fixtures

VIII.    Tile Works – 57,345.00

8” x 10” ceramic wall tiles
8” x 8” ceramic floor tiles
40×40 Ceramic Floor Tile
Tile Grouth
Portland Cement

IX.    Electrical Works – 16,720.00

3” dia. Porcelain receptacle
60 watts energy savers
Single switch
Two gang
Three gang
2” x 4” utility box
4” x 4” junction box
Panel box
Electrical Wires
Safety switch
Moldflex PVC Pipe

X.    Painting Works – 53,750.00

Latex flat
Gloss latex flat wall
Flat wall enamel
Metal Primer
Conc. Neutralizer
Paint thinner

XI.    Embankment/Earthfill  – 45,000.00

TOTAL – 798,782.00


A.    Material Cost – Php 798,782.00
B.    Labor Cost – Php 399,391.00
Total Probable Project Cost – Php 1,198,173.00

Prepared by:

Architect Ted M. Co

Proposed Three Bedroom Residence Contract

Project Title: Proposed One (1) Storey Three Bedroom Residence
Location: Lot 12, Blk 05 Villa Quintana, Samal, Bataan
Owner: Angelito Reagan and Rosalie Reagan, spouses

General Conditions of the Contract

This agreement is made and enters into this January 23, 2011 by and between Architect Ronald Vergara, Richtown Subd. Balanga City, Bataan, and Mr. Angelito Reagan and Rosalie Reagan, spouses and Owner of Lot 12, Blk 05 Villa Quintana, Samal, Bataan

The parties hereto, for in consideration hereinafter, hereby covenant and agreed as follows:

1.    That the Architect hires by the contracting under this contract to do work Construction and supervision of One Storey Three bedroom Residence with a total floor area of 68.00 (6.80 x 10.00) square meters.

2.    That the general conditions of the contract, specifications, plan, as well as drawings with each pages signed by client and architect relating hereto form the integral part of the contract.

3.    Scope of Work

a.    The architect-constructor, inconsideration of the payment to be made by the Owner of the sum money the amount of Eight Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Pesos (Php855,000.00) hereinafter named, agrees to furnish all labor, materials, equipment tools and other facilities and the satisfactory and faithful performance of all works necessary to commence and complete the following phases of works:

b.    Materials and Finishes

1.    Roofing materials – Long span Rib Type
2.    Trusses – Metal Framing
3.    Exterior and Interior Walls – Plaster Cement Finish
4.    Flooring – Plaster Cement – Scratch coat finish
5.    Installation of Electrical and Power system
6.    Installation of water and waste line system

c.    The entire work of the construction of the proposed project shall be under the Supervision of the Architect or her representative.

d.    When the above mentioned work is completed on item 3a-b, the Architect/Contractor shall remove and properly dispose all temporary structures, materials and rubbish of every sort and leave the premises and ground in good condition.

e.    Surveys, test, light and water services shall be provided and secured by the owner.

4.    Changes

These are alterations, additions or omissions of work or materials specified or shown in the drawings during the progress of construction

a.    All changes on the approved plans shall be approved by the Architect or his/her representative and the Owner.
b.    If such changes are made the corresponding value or amount must be agreed upon in writing or mutual between the Owner and the Architect/Contractor.
5.    Schedule of Construction

The work to be performed by the contractor/architect under this contract shall be commenced not later than January 23, 2011 and shall be completed no later than March 23, 2011 unless an extension of time has been authorized or approved by the Owner in writing.

6.    Work under this contract may be discharge by performance if both parties are able to comply with their respective obligations.

7.    The Contract Sum

a.    The Owner agrees that for and in consideration of the faithful performance by the Architect/Contractor in accordance with the provisions of this contract, he/she shall pay the architect the contract sum of Eight Hundred Fifty Five Thousand Pesos (Php855,000.00)
b.    It is expressly agreed by both parties that no change shall be made in the above mentioned contract amount as a result of any fluctuation on the cost of materials, and/or labor.

8.    Payments

Partial payments shall be made by the Owner on account of the Architect/contractor of this contract and will be made as follows:

a.    Upon signing of the contract – ______________
b.    February 25, 2011  – ______________
c.    March 25, 2011 – ______________
d.    April 15, 2011 – ______________

The parties to this agreement hereby agree to full performance of the covenants contained herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties to this Agreement have on the day and year first above given, hereunto set their hands at the bottom of this page and on the left hand margin of all other pages of this Agreement.




Signed in the Presence of



Kinds and Classification of Proposal

During my college days, it is hard to distinguish the difference between the kinds and classification of proposal that’s why I want to share this information. The following text was taken in “Technical Writing, Organization, Form and Content, revised edition by Corazon C. Obnamia, Mariano S Dela Cruz and Margaret S. Aquino.”

Kinds of Proposal

There are three (3) kinds of proposal

1.  The Technical Proposal solves a problem
2. The Management Proposal explains to the prospective client how the entire project will be managed, tells who will manage it, and suggests a time schedule for the completion of the project.
3. A Cost Proposal gives a detailed breakdown of the cost in terms of labor and materials.

Classification of Proposals

1.    A Solicited proposal is requested by a client or a customer.

A request for proposal (RFP) is a document sent out by organizations wanting to receive proposals for a product or service.  It guides an organization on 1) what a proposal should cover 2) when it should be submitted and 3) to whom it should be sent.

2.    An Unsolicited proposal is submitted without a request.

It is prepared by a company in the hope that the excellence of the idea or plan proposed will persuade the potential client of the need.