Kinds and Classification of Proposal

Kinds of Proposals

  1. Technical Proposal – solves a technical problem.
  2. Management Proposal – explains the client how the entire project will be managed, tells who will manage it, and suggests a time schedule for the completion of the project.
  3. Cost Proposal – gives a detailed breakdown of the cost in terms of labor and materials.

Classification of Proposal

1. Solicited Proposal – requested by a client or a customer, invitation to bid ( bid request, purchase request or request for proposals)

a) Government Agency – Invitation to bid – the agency gives the exact specifications for the product or service it is seeking.

b) Request for Proposal (RFP) indicates that it has a problem for which it would like the bidder to propose a solution or solutions.

2. Unsolicited Proposal – submitted without a request

It is prepared by a company in the hope that the excellence of the idea or plan proposed will persuade the potential client of the need.

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