Food Cart to Franchise

Due to economic crisis, many Filipinos will find their ways to earn income to support their families’ needs. They tend to think that franchising a good business will give them enough profit that starting a new.   These food cart franchising are very affordable since the cost is approximate not more than Php 60,000.00. This includes the food cart itself as well as the equipment and initial inventory. So here is some of the franchising available:

food cart franchise

  • Buko Nut Buko Shake
    Buko is not seasonal so you can drink it anytime anywhere in the Philippines. It is also known a wonder fruit so Filipinos really enjoy this refreshing juice.
  • Red Bowl Rice Toppings
    Their line of products includes beef chicken teriyaki, pork sisig, pork sukiyaki, red bowl supreme, cornbeef, siomai, ham and kani, tocino, etc.
  • Burgeroo Buy 1 Take 1 Burger
    It offers buy 1 take 1 burgers without suffering the quality taste.  It also offers a different varieties  that will customer will surely love.
  • Emperor Siomai Delight
    It caters different types of siomai including pork siomai, shrimp siomai, Japanese siomai, beef mushroom siomai, kani crab siomai, sharkspin siomai and chili crab siomai.
  • O’Noodles Hong Kong Style Noodles
    It offers a stir fried noodles food cart business. These stir fried noodles contains dried noodles and sprouted beans with different toppings for additional flavors.
  • Egglog Food Cart
    It offers a combination of quail eggs, siomai, squid and fish balls and dumplings. These food is considered the best pulutan and snack of Filipinos.
  • Imacaroni Macaroni Pasta Food Cart
    Filipinos loves pasta that is why macaroni is one of the favorites of Filipinos. They offers different concept of macaroni such as mac and cheese, spaghetti, carbonara, palabok, etc.