Food Cart Business

Many entrepreneurs today start a food cart business because of it does not need a huge capital. However, in order to succeed in a food cart business, one should have a good product and a perfect location for your food cart. Ideally, food cart should be placed on traffic streets, huge malls and probably a public market or grocery store wherein there are a lots of people.

food cart business

The following are some of the advantages of food cart business:

  • It only needs small amount of capital. You can start a food cart business with the capital of Php30,000.00 to Php300,000.00
  • A food cart is easy to manage and very portable since it  can be easily setup
  • It is movable. If does not succeed in one location, you can move your food cart to another location.
  • Putting food cart business is very simple compare to restaurant. You can just offers simple products. Your products should be unique yet exceptional such as existing products that have some innovation and variation.

Here are some tips before starting your food cart business:

  • Pick the right franchise.  Make sure that the franchisor is a member of good standing franchise association in the Philippines.  Have a background check and consult lawyer before signing the franchise agreement.
  • Choose a good location with less competition. Just make sure that your location is very visible and accessible to the public such as in malls, train station or terminals, office or school areas.
  • Learn the needed skills to run a food cart business.  Ask and seek advises to experienced or veterans people.
  • Screen your personnel carefully. Provides extensive training program for new recruits and always remind them the importance of excellent service.