Research Proposal Format

Below is a suggested format of a research proposal

I.    Prefatory parts
a.    Title Page
b.    Letter of Transmittal
c.    Table of Contents
d.    List of Tables and/or figures(if any)
e.    Executive summary or abstract

II.    Body of Proposal
a.    Introduction
i.    Problem
ii.    Need
iii.    Background
iv.    Objectives or Purpose
b.    Procedure
i.    Methods and sources
ii.    Strategies
iii.    Equipment, facilities, products
c.    Personal qualifications
d.    Evaluation and benefits of project
e.    Budget of cost, prices, total bid

III.    Supplementary parts
a.    Agency forms
i.    Budget justification
ii.    References
b.    Tables, maps, graphs (if any)