What to include in your Technical Feasibility


  • Description of product
  • Economic uses of the product

Manufacturing Process

  • Detailed Flow Chart of the Manufacturing Process including the material and energy requirement at each step and normal duration of the process
  • Other processes and factors considered to determine the process to be adopted
  • Processes used in existing plants and in similar projects

Plant Size and Production Schedule

  • Daily and annual production capacity of the plant
  • Days per year the project operate
  • Factors used in determining plant size
  • Expected attainable annual production volume for the next five years considering start-up and technical factors.


  • Machinery layout such as the number of specifications, rated capacities of major machineries, prices of equipment, and balancing of capacities of each major and auxiliary equipment and standby units
  • Spare parts and repair service available
  • Quotations from suppliers, machinery guarantees, delivery, terms of payments and other arrangements

Plant Location and Layout

  • Location map of the plant
  • Plant Layout

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