Rules in Preparing a Good Project Feasibility Study

A project study or feasibility study contains several chapters.  The proposed project must be financially, economically, technically and socially feasible.

A consultant or researcher must possess not only the technical expertise on the project involved, but also the right analytical, interpretative and writing skills to be able to produce the desired studies.  He must know all banking, institutional, and governmental rules and regulations on the particular projects he is to work on.

Rules in Preparing a Good Project Feasibility Study

  1. Know the nature of the proposed project well. If you are not familiar with the topic or project, you must obtain the technical expertise from qualified experts to help you in researching the basic required technology and other sensitive aspects of the project.
  2. Research well. Explore all resource related to your study.  Your project study must be included with statistics, data documents, and all information needed from all available resources.
  3. Must be a good analyst. You must know how to analyze, evaluate, interpret, use and discard unnecessary data.
  4. Data must be accurate. Your estimates and projections must be close to realities.  Avoid making guesses and statistical improbabilities.
  5. Organize study. You must know how to put in order your study.
  6. Write it well. You must know how to write it properly.

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