Common Proposal Errors / Mistakes

You can submit an excellent proposal but still dismissed or rejected. Most readers or evaluators of your proposal believe that your proposal in inadequate such as your firm are lacked of enough experience to justify the increased risk, management plan were less detailed.

The readers of your proposal want to know the money they invest spent effectively. Listed below are some common proposal mistakes.

  • Failure to follow proposal requirements; margin are not compliant, exceeded number of pages, unallowable expenses included the budget, etc.
  • Not fully understand the problem presented in the proposal. Most proposals are too vague. Explain your insights, views or experience with the problem.
  • Proposal does not express clearly the purpose, plans and significance of the research. Describe how the research addresses the problem.
  • Proposal does not show clear understanding of the method, equipment for the project. Demonstrate familiarity of the pertinent literature equipment and proper methodology.
  • Failure to connect tasks and deliverables. Proposal must provide quantitative information to convince your readers that you can deliver an excellent product on time and within budget.
  • Failure to prove excellent persons work on the project. Show clearly the qualification of your team. Do not include resume contain unrelated information and do not conform the stated requirements.
  • Lack of visual appeal. Proposal will appear boring if it lacks of images, tables or graphs.

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