Restaurant Business Proposal Sample

All business needs an improvement in order to be successful.  Such improvement includes the implementation of new rules and policies as well as new plans.

In order to operate a computer shop, it is a need to upgrade everything on the shop including both hardware and software. Also, provide employee a training program to

Below is an example of Restaurant Business Proposal

Business Name:  Save and Delete Computer Shop

Summary:  It has been 3 years of journey.  During the year of operation, we have learns a lot of things of how to improve our services on our customer.  It is really an honor to know that our customer always appreciate our efforts in bringing them a satisfaction in every task they given to us. Because of high demands, we have planned to set up new branch near the town proper to serve them better for the convenience of our customer.

Plan of Action:

  •   Open a new branch near town plaza to provide more services and convenience to our customer live near plaza.
  •   Hired potential employees who have equip with more skills in computer including web designing,
  •   Provides brand new computers.
  •   Train our personnel in computer skills

Estimated Cost:
The estimated cost will be Php405000.  This cost includes the 10 computer sets as well the operating expenses

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Recommendation Proposal Letter

July 15, 2005

Mrs. Rita Africa
School Principal
Central Elementary School
Sta. Rosa, Balanga City

Dear Mrs. Africa:

Based on an inspection trip conducted by Dr. Jose Aquino, School Physician, and Mr. Chelo Castro, School Nurse, at the School Canteen at the Central Elementary School last June 2005, the following recommendations are hereby proposed:

  • Wearing of uniforms, hairnets and aprons at the kitchen crew;
  • Repair and/or replacement of tiles at the lavatory;
  • Restoration of the cooking area near the rear windows for proper ventilation;
  • Construction of cupboards and cabinets for kitchen utensils and racks for casseroles and cooking pans;
  • Installation of permanent sockets and power outlets;
  • Transfer of soft drinks cylinders away from the comfort rooms;
  • Provision of pail or containers with cover for left-over food;
  • Adequate and sanitary space or area for food preparation, specially for raw food;
  • Empty bottles and other disposable containers should be discarded at once;
  • Improvement of the comfort room (construction of a roof and installation of an exhaust fan);
  • Regular cleaning of soft drink coolers and ref;
  • Screening of the school canteen;
  • Weekly general cleaning; and
  • Regular disinfection with Domex or Lysol disinfectants

The recommendations, once implemented, shall redown to the prevention of diseases among students and other users of the canteen, as well as the upliftment of the health and sanitary conditions at the school canteen.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Jose Aquino
School Physician

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Sample Simple Project Proposal

Project Title: Proposed Intergroup Relation Training and Development for the JCN Bakery & Grocery
Project Proponent: Reina Samaniego
Project Location: JCN Bakery & Grocery,  Orion, Bataan

sample proposal

I.    Rationale

JCN Bakery & Grocery is one of the biggest grocery stores in Balanga. It has different branches in Bataan located at Orion, Dinalupihan and in Balanga. The main focus of this proposal is to give the employees training about how to have a good relation among them and in the other group.

II.    General Objectives

Intergroup Training development will maintain and improve the relationship among the employees.

Specific Objective

–    To motivate the employees to work efficient.
–     To encourage them to have a good relation among the employees.
–    To enhance the skills of the employees.
–    To avoid Intergroup conflicts among the employees.
–     To increase job satisfaction.
–     To encourage them to have a quality service.
–     To improve and maintain good management.
–     To promote cooperation and good communication among the employees.

III.    Strategies

1.    Planning Phase
– Data Gathering about the company profile.
– Observing the employees relationship.
– Conducting questionnaires and interviews with the employees.
– Analyzing the problem.
– Meeting with the owner, to set the place and the needed things.
– Setting the place where the event will happen.

2. Implementation
The training will be implemented on March 14 to March 17 2009 ( 4 days ) at the convention room of Elizabeth bodega and grocery.

IV.    Work Plan

1. Data Gathering – 3 days
2. Observation – 7 days
3. Interview and Conducting questionnaire – 7 days
4. Analysis of the Problem – 5 days
5.  Meeting with the owner – 2 days
6. Setting the Place = 2 days
7. Implementation – 4 days

V.    Technical Justification

Materials Needed

Computer – (provided by the company)
Projector – provided by the company)
Chairs – (provided by the company)
Miscellaneous expense – P    500.00
Professional cost (2 person) – 6,400.00 ( 3,200 x 2)
Lunch / Snacks – 1,500.00

Project Cost:                    P 8,400.00


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Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Cost Savings Sample Proposal

Problem Statement:  

One of the problems of EthMer Agency is the slow processing of member’s information since they have hundred of members right now.  Whenever there is a hiring,  clerk and secretary will find each member’s information to find out if they have a qualified member for the job vacancy as well as their contact number.

Proposed Solution:

To eliminate the manual processing and finding of member’s information, it is a necessity to buy a computer which allows to store information for easily retrieve of member’s data and reduce the over time of employees. Saving and effort will be cost effective since employees will not require to have an overtime pay.

Steps Involved

  1. Buy a computer that has Microsoft word and Microsoft Excel.
  2. The clerk or secretary will encode all member’s data and information using either Excel or Word.
  3. Also, consider to buy a printer so that employees will have to print important information and browse it manually.

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Save effort and time of clerk or secretary since they are computer literate
  • Easy retrieval of employee’s data and information
  • Reduce the cost of overtime pay
  • Satisfied member since they don’t have to wait for a longer period of time
  • Satisfied client as well because you will provide workers for the short period of time

Potential Problem:

The cost of a set of computer including printer is Php35,000.00.  The new computer would pay for itself within seven (7) months of use.

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Sample Problem Statement and Recommendation

Problems Encountered in the Conduct of Surveys and Actions Taken

•    Some of the graduates cannot be located from the addresses listed in the master list.
o    Secure the updated address or contact number from other CE graduates

•    Some of the graduates are not here in the Philippines.  They are presently working abroad.
o    Asked the immediate family members of the graduate to answer the questionnaire or get the email address of the graduate and send the questionnaire to them

•    Time availability of some graduates did not match with the availability of the enumerators.
o    Secure the contact numbers of the graduates and the project proponent will set an appointment for the enumerators through phone call.

•    Some of the graduates or relatives are not interested with the GTS.  Reasoning out that they are busy.
o    Just skip that graduates and go back to them some other time.

•    Some of the assigned graduates to enumerators are far and have a hard time finding them.
o    Swapping of assigned graduates from one enumerator to other enumerators will be allowed as long as they inform the proponent in advance.

•    No reply received from most of the email message sent to graduates working abroad
o    Still sending e-mail messages to them.

Source: BPSU

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Sample Recommendations

Recommendation is written to suggest something that is beneficial to everyone who will implement the proposed research or project.  It should be based on the results of your study. Also, it is written for the future researcher to discuss the actions to be taken place.


  1. A preliminary evaluation on the application of the incoming freshmen for civil engineering must be done discouraging those applicants whose reason for taking the course is due to the “influence of the parents and relatives”.  This might result to bigger passing percentage rate in the licensure examinations since most of our students will graduate from their field of interest.
  2. From the data shown, our Job Placement Center must device a program with regards to the employment of our graduates.
  3. A thorough study must be done why most of our graduates are working outside the country and outside the province.
  4. Regular activities for the graduates such as homecoming, meetings of officers, etc. must be considered which will be one of the faster means of getting an up to date data of the graduates.
  5. An Alumni Office must also be considered by the University of the College for the safekeeping of the graduates data.

Source: BPSU

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Sample Findings in Proposal

Finding section refers to the results of the proposal or a research proposal.  It is written to inform the results of your study.


  1. With regards to the reasons why students are taking up civil engineering courses, “the influence of parents and relatives” still gave weights (35%) which can be one of the reason of the 30-35% average annual passing rate of the course in the Civil Engineering Licensure Examinations.
  2. Civil Engineering graduates have bigger employment rate based on the 80% result of the survey.
  3. Employment data also shows that civil engineering graduates were able to land for a job in half-year after they graduated or take the board examinations.
  4. Only three (3%) of those employed civil engineering graduates landed their job through our job placement program.
  5. Sixty two (62%) percent of those employed graduates are working in their chosen degree which shows that the civil engineering program answers the needs of the industry.
  6.  Twenty-one percent (21%) of the employed graduates are working outside the country and that only 28% of those working within the country are serving the province of Bataan.
  7. Good thing is that the curriculum of the BSCE program of the university still relevant to the needs of the industry having 89% response from those employed graduates.

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Event Proposal

Event proposal is serves as business plan for the event. It is also start with an executive summary and then the details of the event. It is written if you are planning a department party, weddings, birthdays, grand alumni party, charity ball which is most likely view by clients or management.

Event proposal is written so that everyone on the organization knows exactly what the event is all about and knows every detail of the programs.  This event proposal will be viewed by different persons including potential clients and sponsors, marketers, and stakeholders

The contents of your proposal are the name of the event, description of the event, venue and facilities offered, food and beverages, event logistics, event program and event budget. Also, don’t forget the key people who will be working during the event.

You can include an introduction to your event proposal wherein you can describe your event by providing an overview of the event not only by mentioning the name of the event. Just provide a little more detailed information.

Also, mention the venue of the event to know if the venue is suitable for the event as well as the facilities available at the venue from toilets to parking. You can include the description of the venue such as the lighting, surface, seating, electronic equipment, furniture as well the number of rooms and bathroom.

You can include a map or floor diagram to be more specific.  Take note also the attraction in the event including performers, special guess, and officials. Describe how the venue will fully cater. Provide also a list of person that will be involved in your event proposal.

In addition, provide a map on how to find the venue and the available public vehicle transport to the venue and car parking for those who have a car.
At last, identify the budget for your event proposal.  It included the anticipated expenses and revenues from the event.
Other important aspect of your event proposal is the physical appearance.  Your event proposal should be presentable, professional and appealing.

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Sample Proposal of Two-Storey Residential Structure

Proposed Two-Storey Residential Structure

General Requirements

A.    The work to be executed shall be done in accordance with the accompanying plans and specifications.
B.    All works to be done shall be in the best quality o workmanship under the supervision of an Architect or a Civil Engineer.
C.    The construction shall conform to all the requirements of the National building Code as well as the local rules and regulations of the city or municipality.
D.    Scope of Works

I.   Site Preparation

The building site shall be labeled according to the plans and cleared of rubbish, roots and other perishable and objectionable matters to a suitable sub grade.  All such unsuitable materials shall be removed from the building site and spread uniformly over the areas adjacent the proposed building, or otherwise disposed off s may be directed by the Architect or the Engineer in charge of the construction.

II.  Excavation

All excavations shall be made to grade indicated in the drawings, where the building site is covered with any kind of fill, the excavation for footings should be made deeper until the stratum for safe bearing capacity of the soil is reached.


After concrete for foundations reached the curing period to withstand pressure resulting from fills, the materials removed from excavations shall be used for backfills around them.

IV.Concrete Works

All concrete shall be mixed thoroughly until there is a uniform distribution of the cement and aggregates and should be deposited as nearly as practicable in its final position, care being taken to avoid segregation of the aggregates.

V. Proportioning of Concrete

All concrete works shall be done in accordance with the standard specifications for plain and reinforced concrete as adopted by the Government.  Cement to be used shall by HOLCIM Portland Cement or equivalent.

VI. Forms and Scaffoldings

All forms for concrete shall be properly braced or connected together so as to maintain the correct position and shapes of the concrete members.  Forms shall be constructed sufficiently tight to prevent bulging and seepage of water.

VII. Concrete Slab Floors on Fill

Concrete slabs on fill shall be poured on a gravel bed not less than 100mm thick.  Each concrete slab course to be poured shall not be more than one meter wide, and each course shall be poured alternately to the indicated floor finish.

VIII. Steel Reinforcing Bars

All steel reinforcing bars to be used in the construction shall consist of round deformed bars with lugs projection on their sides to provide a greater bond between the concrete and the steel.

IX. Masonry

Concrete hollow blocks to be used in this project shall be 5 inches thick.

X. Finishes

Interior walls shall be of Smooth Plain Cement Plaster finish unless otherwise specified in the plans.

XI. Floor Finishes

All materials to be used as floor finishes for the rooms shall be laminated flooring finish and general areas of the building shall be 0.60m x 0.60m Granite Tiles and approved equivalent.

XII. Tile Wall and Floor Finishes

The toilet and bathroom floors shall be finished with 0.20m x 0.20m ceramic tiles and approved equivalent.

XIII. Carpentry and Lumber

Lumber shall be approved quality of the respective kind required for the various parts of the work, self seasoned, thoroughly dried and free from large, loose, and unsound knots, spa, shakes, or other imperfections impairing its strength, durability and appearance.

XIV. Roofing

The roof shall be covered with 0.40mm color rib type roofing.  The roofing sheet shall be secured to the purlins.  Gutter will be Pre Painted Spanish Gutter.  All accessories must conform to standards of ASTM.  All overlaps and connections must be properly screwed and riveted.

XV. Doors and Windows

This section includes solid wood doors and hollow.  As in windows, it includes Aluminum Framed (analok) windows with ¼’ thick bronze glass.  Materials shall conform good quality and to be installed by the required fabricator and must comply with manufacturer’s specification and recommendations for installation of window units, hardware, operators and other components of the work.

XVI. Electrical Works

All electrical works shall be done in accordance with all applicable current edition of the Philippine Electrical Code and shall conform to requirement, agencies, and Power Company with jurisdiction over this project.  All works for this installation shall be done under the direct supervision of duly licensed Electrical Engineer or Master Electrician.

XVII. Plumbing Works

All plumbing works for this project shall be done in accordance with the approved plans and under the direct supervision and control of a licensed Sanitary Engineer or Master Plumber.

XVIII. Metal

For smooth fabrications exposed to view in the completed work provide materials with smooth, flat surfaces without blemishes

XIX. Painting

This section includes surface preparation and field painting of exposed exterior items and surface and exposed interior items and surfaces.

Archr. DDB
Designer Builder

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Sample Proposal Letter for Flower Arrangement

Mrs. Lorna Tolentino
Cupang Subd.
Balanga City, Bataan

May 25, 2001

Subject: Proposal for Wedding Flower Arrangement

Dear Mrs. Tolentino:

We received your request for a quote of flower arrangement for the wedding of your sister on June 11, 2001 at Amanda Resort.

We would like to thank you for showing interest in our service.  The following are the lists of proposal as per details.

  1. The cost of flower decoration will be Php 8,000.  This includes the materials and labor.
  2. Our representative will call you to confirm and discuss the programs.
  3. We need 3 hours to get the venue ready so that it will be ready when guest start coming.
  4. Lydia, Rene and Jocelyn will be in-charge and totally responsible for the assignment.  If you have any request during program, you can call them.
  5. We require a 50% down payment upon signing contract and the balance will be after the event.

We assure you of excellent service.  Thank you for trusting us.

Very truly yours,


Myrna Diuco

JayCel Flower Shoppe

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