Pinoy Pao Food Cart Franchise Information

Pinoy Pao offers variety of siomai and siopao such as shrimp siomai, beef siomai, sharksfin siomai, kani crab siomai, chili kani crab, beef mushroom siomai, Japanese siomai, pork siomai, crab siomai, mini pao, siopao bola bola, siopao asado, snack pao, ham and cheese siopan, tiny pao, long life pau, malunggay pao, empanada pao.

Take this wonderful opportunity to franchise a Pinoy Pao Food Cart which offers the most delicious and high quality siopao in the market today. For only Php30,000 you can now owned Pinoy Pao Food Cart in the Philippines. This franchising opportunity is being offered by Filtrepreneur Franchise Inc. It is one of most affordable food cart franchise today.

Pinoy Pao has proven to be among the best siomai and siopao franchise here in the Philippines.  As a matter of fact Pinoy Pao receives various awards including The National Product Quality Excellence Awards, The Consumer’s Choice Awardee Dangal Pilipinas, The National Shopper’s Choice Award, and The Outstanding Franchising Business Opportunity.

pinoy pao franchise
Pinoy Pao Food Cart Franchising Package Inclusion

  • Pinoy Pao Food Cart
  • 1 Electric Steamer
  • 1 set of utensils
  • Php 400 initial inventory
  • Franchise Seminar
  • Crew Training
  • 1 Set of uniform

Other Pertinent Franchising Information

  • No Monthly Fee
  • No Quota
  • No Hidden Charges
  • No Royalty Fee
  • Site Assistance Offered

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Potdog Yummy Yes Delight Franchise

Filipinos loves to eat fishballs, squidballs, and kikiam as their snack.  These foods are serve by Potdog Yummy Yes Delights, registered name for Potdog.  This became popular because of freshly cooked unique, high quality and affordable snack to kids and adults from all walks of life. Potdog food cart is usually found inside busy malls and major shopping areas in the country.

Potdog Yummy Yes Delights offers variety of snack including crispy siomai, sharks fin siomai, chicken ball, crab claw, crab egg, crablet, fisth ball, kikiam, lobster ball, squid nugget, crispy chicken, crunchy squid, potato slice, potato wedge, garlic rice and red iced tea and green tea.

Today, Potdog is open for franchise for those entrepreneurs who loves to serves best quality meat on the stick snacks. Here is the following Potdog franchising details:

potdog franchise

Potdog Franchise Fee

  • Php 365,000 for Potdog Food Cart
  • Php 450,000 for Kiosk Set up

Potdog Franchise Inclusion

For Food Cart Set up

  • Franchise Fee
  • Cart
  • Signage
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Staff Uniform
  • Deep Fryers
  • Rangehood
  • Php 20,000 initial inventories

For Kiosk Set up

  • Side table
  • Back cabinet
  • Upright freezers
  • Rice cooker
  • Everything mention in the foodcart

Potdog Franchise Package Inclusion

  • Opening assistance
  • Site evaluation and site selection
  • Trade name us
  • Operations Manual
  • Crew or human resource training
  • Inventory system
  • Continued product development and research


Steps in Franchising Potdog:

  1. Send Letter of Intent in the Main Office which includes the contact details.
  2. Attach the vicinity map or location site of your target place.
  3. After approval, the franchise manager will schedule a meeting with you and discuss the terms
  4. Signing and payment of franchise fee
  5. Operation of Potdog

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Lugaw Republic Franchise Information

Lugaw Republic is know to offers all time pinoy favorite food, delicious lugar with high quality and often paired with pinoy dimsun. Their menus includes Plain Lugaw, Mixed Lugaw, Goto Espesyal, Egg Caldo, Lugaw Tokwa at Baboy (LTB) and Arroz Caldo. Also, they serve Kwek-kwek, Okoy, Puto Bulacan, Tokwa’t Baboy, Lumpia Toge, Tokwa and Tokneneng.

For those who are interested of franchising Lugaw Republic, here are the essential information:

lugaw republic franchise

Franchise Fee and Franchise Inclusion

  • The franchise fee for Lugaw Republic is ranges from Php180,000 to Php 250,000 depending on the size of the store, food cart or kiosk and the proposed location
  • Franchise inclusion includes feasibility study, design and construction of the food cart or kiosk, kitchen equipment, kiosk equipment, 3 sets of uniforms, 2 x 2 meters food cart, 1 pc large juices, 1 pc display cabinet, 1 pc. 45 cups rice cooker, 1 set 4 pcs stock pot cooking ware,1 pc peacock caldero, 2 pcs. tong, 1 set measuring cup, 2 pcs. mixing bowl, 3 pcs. knife, 1 pc oz soup ladle, 4 pcs serving tray, 1 set smart cruet, 1 smart shaker, 1 pc plastic ladle, 1 pc kitchen scissor, 2 serving spoon, 1 pc straw holder, 1 pc. Strainer, 1 pc almeres plastic, 1 pc chopping board, condiments set, 1 pc sandok, 2 pcs serving tray plastic, 4 pcs. canister plastic medium, 1 pc knife holder, 2 pcs. electric stove, signage, menu board and outlet decors, training of crew, initial manpower, operations manual, business name, business system, marketing assistance, pre-opening assistance and grand opening assistance.

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Andoks Franchising Information

Andoks is known to serve roasted chicken (litson manok).  Aside from roasted chicken, they also sell beer, assortment of beverages, sugar, rice and other grocery products.  They became popular because they offer its patron the best quality roasted chicken. Later on, they also served several mouth watering dishes such as dokito frito (fried chicken), litson liempo (roasted pork belly, bangue (milk fish), pork barbeque, pork charap (fried pork chop), lechon kawali (deep fried pork belly) and many more.

andok franchise

Good news for those for people looking for additional source of income. Andoks now offers franchising packages.

Andok Package Franchise

  • Trademark, name and logo
  • Start up and pre-opening assistance
  • Store design and construction assistance
  • Operation Manual
  • Business operation, management and customer service training
  • Advertising support
  • Continuous product development and innovation
  • Equipment and supplies

Andok Franchise Investment

  • Php 500,000.00 for dine-in store
  • Php 300,000.00 for take-out outlet
  • Equipment, construction, furnishing, initial working capital are also take into consideration

Andok Franchise Agreement

  • 5 years – initial term for dine-in store with succeeding 2 renewals of 5 years
  • 3 years – initial term for take-out outlet store with succeeding 2 renewals of 3  years

Location Requirements for Outlets

  • Floor area approximately 40 to 50 sq.meters for take-out outlet
  • Floor area is about 200 to 250 sq.meters for dine-in store

Andok Franchise Requirements

  1. Letter of Intent contains location, size and other details of the proposed site.
  2. Map of the proposed site
  3. Resume with 1×2 colored picture
  4. Character references with contact details
  5. Bank certification
  6. Certificate of Employment

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Zagu Franchise

Zagu is known as one of the popular pearl shake business here in the Philippines. This pearl shake is popular because of the uniqueness and variety of flavors. Customers are coming back for more because of taste and flavors. Their products compose of variety of mixed shakes with tapioca pearls. There are variety of choices including café latte, hazelnut cappuccino, mocha, pearl milk shake, melon, strawberry, black forest, watermelon, pineapple, chocolate, cookies and cream, choco crumble, crème brulee, buco pandan, choco caramel, halo-halo, natural dalandan, natural mango, natural four season, etc.

Good news for everyone who wants to have Zagu Food Cart since Zagu Dealership Package is now available. The Zagu franchise is another term for Zagu Dealership Package and it cost between Php 370,000.00 to Php 450,000.00

zagu franchise


Steps to be a Zagu Dealers:

  1. Fill up the initial questionnaire form.
  2. Initial interview and recommendation.
  3. Payment of initial deposit.
  4. Submission and completion of application form and requirements
  5. Review of application and final interview.
  6. Post approval meeting.
  7. Submission of proposal site requirements.
  8. Initial ocular inspection as well as approval of proposal site or location.
  9. Final ocular inspection and approval of construction
  10. Completion of opening requirements
  11. Payment of ad investment package and signing of agreement.
  12. Construction and fabrication of cart, kiosk, stall and roadside)
  13. Training of service crew
  14. Picking up of investment package.
  15. Store opening and submission of first week gross sales.

The following are the Zagu Foodcart Inclusions:

  • No franchisee fee
  • No royalty fee
  • Marketing support such as event participation, sponsorship and other marketing techniques
  • Discounted price for purchases
  • Authorized to carry the Zagu trademark and logo
  • Service crew training
  • Zagu standard uniform
  • Participation in events
  • Assistance with site selection
  • Operational system

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Happy Haus Donut Franchise

In today’s modern world, donut is known as one of the most loved snack of children and even adults. Donuts comes from different flavors and colors to choose from. Well, if you are a big fan of donuts, you can have your very own donut stand for a very low cost. Happy

Haus Donut is a Filipino brand of donut. Donut is known to be Americal origin but Filipinos learned his own way to devised formulas to have delicious and great taste donut.


happy haus donut franchiseHappy Haus Franchise Information:

  • Happy Haus Franchise Package: Php35,000.00. It includes security deposit, miscellaneous fee and franchise fee.

Happy Haus Types of Kiosk

  • Table Top – It has a dimensional of 2.5 ft. depth x 2.5 ft. width x 2.5 ft. height. Ideal for those who existing booths or with little space left that they want to maximize their store with.
  • Standee Kiosk – It has a measurement of 2.5 ft. depth x 2.5 ft. width x 6 ft. height.
  • Slim – It is ideal for those who have tall ceiling in their stall or store.

Requirements to Franchise Happy Haus:

  • Letter of Intent
  • Updated resume or bio data
  • Proposed site location with sketch
  • Php2,000.00 served as processing fee for the site assessment (non-refundable)
  • Clear photos of your target location
  • Two valid government ID’s

Happy Haus Franchise Inclusion

  • Business name and trademark
  • Signage
  • Quality menus
  • 5 pcs crew uniforms
  • Advertising and special support
  • Donut cabinet
  • Use of business network
  • Assessment of the area
  • Showcase bundle lease
  • Directional signage
  • Inflatables and freebies
  • Opening assistance
  • Store opening and post opening assistance
  • Broad team preparation
  • Mascot appearance
  • Directional Signage
  • Free item testing for clients
  • Consistent operation support

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Pancake House Franchise Information

Pancake house is popularly serves delicious food with outstanding customer service. They basically serve pancakes with different varieties including classic pancake, banana, cheese, chocolate chips, chocolate marble, walnut, blueberry, caramel banana walnut and sunrise orange varieties. Also, they serve different varieties of waffles, cinnamon toast, omelettes, soups, salads, and Filipino favorite foods such as pork tocino, longganisa, beef tapa, smoked golden tinapa, and daing na bangus as well as classic pan chicken. In addition, they also offers pasta, taco, desserts, milk shakes and many more.

pancake house

In today’s modern times, food business is one of the best profitable so it is a good idea to consider franchising Pancake house. You can still franchise Pancake House even if you don’t have location or site, Pancakes will help you to find ideal location for your business. The following are some of the Pancake franchising information:

Investment Package

The investment package ranges from Php 7.5 M to Php 9.5 M depending on the size and location. It includes the franchise fee, store construction, equipment, furniture, fixtures, aircon, signage, and pre-operating expenses.

Floor Area Requirements

It’s between 80-100 sq. meters for shell type and 100-200 square meter for a freestanding store.

Expected Return of Investment

There are different factors to determine return of investment or ROI. These factors includes sales, market potential, investment cost, ability of the franchisee to control operating expenses.

Franchisee must possess the following characteristics:

  • One should willing to undergo full training in restaurant operations
  • One must have strong background in people skills
  • One must have strong desire to succeed
  • One should be hands on and willing to devote time to see day to day operations




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Franchising Mini-Stop

Mini-Stop is a convenience store runs for 24/7 and offers a variety of items to choose from.  This is best place to visit most especially when you feel hungry and all the other food chain are closed because they also serve ready to eat foods such as rice meals and sandwiches. Also, they serve drinks, ice cream, and even medicine aside from usual groceries.

mini stop franchise

Advantages of Franchising Mini-Stop Convenience Store

  • Profit sharing model allows franchisee to earn more as they sell more.
  • They provides store operations the necessary support system including the training programs, marketing and manpower assistance.
  • They provide full Marketing Support by constantly engaging in promotions and marketing activities.
  • Stocks are readily available within 24 hours or less from the Distribution Center.
  • Their stores are equipped with computer to facilitate the quick and efficient exchange of data.
  • They are continuously expanding the convenience store with groceries and ready to eat foods.
  • They are responsible for the development and preparation of the franchisees and store personnel.
  • They ensure uniformity of standards across all Mini stop branches in terms of quality of the products and services

Franchise Package Details

  • Initial Investment – Php  1M to 3M (depends on the kinds of package)
  • Minimum space requirement – 100 sq meters
  • Contract period – 10 years
  • Payback period – 3 to 4 years

Steps in franchising Mini-Stop

  1. Attend Mini-Stop franchise information.
  2. Submission of letter of intent.
  3. Conduct  site feasibility.
  4. Interview with the Area Franchise Manager.
  5. Panel discussion with Department Heads.
  6. Introduction to  Mancomm.
  7. Signing of Franchise Agreement.
  8. Payment of Franchise Investment.
  9. Training of franchisee and personnel.
  10. Submission of required permits and other documents.

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Master Siomai Franchising Information

Today, siomai is one of the favorite snack of Filipinos.  Siomai is similar to meatballs made of shrimp or pork or a combination of shrimp and pork wrapped in  molo wrapper. To cooked siomai, it is steamed for several minutes and always served with soy sauce, chili powder, and calamansi.

I have seen people eats siomai anywhere including on the street instead of eating on fast food chain maybe because it is one of the cheapest snacks along with gulaman drinks.

Master Siomai is managed and developed by Masterrific Foods. Master Siomai has already several outlets that mostly located in supermalls and shopping centers. They serve a superb quality of siomai with variety of choices including beef siomai, pork siomai and shrimp siomai.

The investment to franchise Master Siomai Cart is two hundred eighty thousand (Php280,000.00). The franchise contract is valid for three (3) years and renewable for another three (3) years at 50% franchise fee upon renewal.

master siomai franchise

The following are the Package Franchise Inclusions:

  • 1 unit Japanese Food Cart
  • 1 Stainless Siomai Steamer
  • 1 Plastic Juice Container Kitchen and Plastic Ware including juice ladle, kitchen knife, chopping board, 2 pcs. sauce bottle, 1 food tong
  • Food Products including siomai variants, siomai special sauce, chili garlic sauce, calamansi, gulaman syrup, gulaman powder, mineral water, sesame oil
  • Paper products including styro tray, sando bags, tissue, take out sauce plastic, toothpick, plastic gloves, plastic cups 12 oz.
  • Kitchenware and plastic wares including 1 juice ladle, 1 kitchen knife, 1 chopping board, 2 pieces sauce bottle, 1 food tong, 1 tissue dispenser, 1 styro box, calculator, stainless steel tray
  • Crew uniforms such as 4 pieces Master Siomai T-shirt, 2 pieces Master Siomai sunvisor
  • Cleaning supplies including 1 plastic trash can, 1 plastic broom, 1 dust fan, liquid soap, 2 pieces towel, mop, chair, etc.

Procedures on franchising Master Siomai Food Cart.

  1. Choose location for your Master Siomai Foot Cart.
  2. Call Master Siomai for evaluation
  3. If approved, the interested party shall pay 50% deposit of the franchise fee to start construction of food cart
  4. Business operation meeting will be conducted.
  5. Perform operation and training of the crew.
  6. Signing of Franchise agreement
  7. Pay the full payment upon delivery of food cart.

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Potato Corner Franchise

potato corner franchiseMore and more Filipinos love to eat French fries so it is very good to franchise Potato Corner. Potato corner offers a variety of flavored French fries. The first outlet was began on March 1992 and offers franchising inside 1993.

The success of your Potato corner is all depends on your chosen location. One of the perfect place for your Potato Corner is high foot traffic location such as malls, airport terminals, schools, sports stadiums, bazaars or exhibit, amusement parks and many more.

The following are the cost of available Potato Cart franchise:

  • School Cart with 1.2 meters. Appropriate for school canteen. The cost will be Php 150,000 with electrical load of 40 amps.
  • Standard Cart with 1.8 meters. Good for malls, shopping centers, supermarkets, bus terminals, etc. The cost will be Php 270,000 with 40 amps electrical loads.
  • Kiosk Design with roof with 2.2 meters. Design for outdoor kiosk. The franchise fee is Php335,000 with 40 amps electrical loads.
  • Kiosk Design without roof with 2.2 meters. The franchise fee will be Php335,000 with 40 amps electrical loads
  • Kiosk Design with roof and with seating with 2.2 meters. The package franchise is Php 350,000 with 40 amps electrical loads
  • Kiosk Design without roof and with seating with 2.2 meters. The package franchise is Php 350,000 with 40 amps electrical loads
  • Kiosk Design Dine-in. The franchise cost is Php 380,000 with 60 amps electrical loads.
  • Hole in the Wall with size of approximately 4 x 4 meters. The franchise cost is Php 400,000 with 60 amps electrical loads.

The following are the Franchise Package Inclusions

  • Cart
  • Equipment
  • Small wares
  • Initial Inventory
  • Training of Franchisee and staff

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