Franchise Tips

Some franchise outlet may become successful while others end up with a closed for business. One factor that consider is the location but of course the success has to do with the franchisee. Making smart choices is one way one to avoid certain business difficulties.

Here are some simple tips before proceeding to your franchise ventures:

  1. Choose the right business franchise for you.  The prospective franchise should best fit in your interest among other franchises available. Ask yourself what you like to do.  Make sure that your skills are match to the franchise you want.
  2. Study first the environment and see if your prospective business will suits the surrounding.  Best location is a key aspect to have a successful business franchise.
  3. Verify if the prospective franchise will be compatible with the rules and regulation. Check the existing laws on chosen location.
  4. Study the terms and condition, franchise agreement and what to include on your prospective franchise.
  5. Make sure that you are aware of operation and proceedings of your prospective franchise.  You can visit one of the franchise stores and see if it is within your interest.
  6. Follow the system.  In order to become successful, you have to learn the right system to your franchise.
  7. Learn your industry.   Learn more on about your new industry aside of what you have learned during your franchise research.

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Business Ideas for Filipinos

Everyone should think to have their own business. But of course, before engaging yourself to a business venture, make sure that you know everything about it. You can make feasibility study so that you may know if the kind of business is suited to your place or area and to make sure that your chosen business is profitable.

Here are some business ideas:

1. Food Cart Franchise

Choosing a food cart that suited to your location can be an option to have your own business. It is a budget friendly option compared to fast food franchise.

2. Convenience Store

Convenience store is open for 24 hours a day and you can offers different goods and it can surely profitable.

3. Bakery

As long as have a good area for bakery, it can be a good venture.

4. Water Refilling Station

Water is necessity in human beings. Today, water business is very common. Water refilling station is a good start-up business because it is easy to run, just make sure that you are producing safe and clean water.

5. Fast Food

Fast food chain is very popular nowadays since people are always busy and there is no time for preparing foods. Franchising a famous fast food is surely a success.

6. Coffee Shop

Most Filipinos loves coffee so coffee shop is also a good business venture. Make sure that your coffee shop has good ambiance to attract customer.

7. Grocery Store

Grocery items are also necessity for a living so grocery store is also good investment as long as you find the right location for your store and offers a variety of items.

8. Personal Care

Filipinos is also known as self-conscious so franchising a products endorsed by popular artist or celebrities will be successful business venture.

9. Service type business

Establishing business type business is also good start up business such as establishing a parlor or laundry shop. Check the kind of service needs to make sure that people will patronize your business.

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Sample Internal Proposal

Computer Training For Office Staffs Proposal

To: Accounting Department
From: Richard D. Go
Subject: Computer Training for Accounting Staff
Date: May 26, 2000


This report proposes to conduct computer training for the Accounting Staff so that they will know how to operate computer and make accounting reports using printer.


Company is spending more money for overtime of office staff since they are using the manual processing of data. They use calculator to compute for payroll and manual report of inventory and stocks. Also, the processing of data is very slow. Office staff do not use computer for their report such as computing payroll, monitoring inventory and printing reports.


To provide computer training for Accounting office staff in order for them to be proficient in using computer such as training for Microsoft Word and Excel. In this way, staff will be able to know how to automate their works using computer.


  • There are many advantages of using computers. Here are benefits of using computer at our office:
  • Keeping records in organize manner and serve as a substitute of filing.
  • Prepares payroll more easily and accurately.
  • Monitors overstock, receipts, issue and finding balance of stocks
  • Prepare letter and other documents in an organized manner
  • Produce reports in easy way
  • Automate computation of payroll
  • Ledger accounts, cash book and other data are recorded through computers


The company spent Php25,000 a month for the overtime pay of Accounting staff. The company spent the total of Php300,000.00 annually. Imagine that if the company does not pay for overtime, the company saves so much money. The expenses for the training of office staff is only Php50,000 so the company will save Php 250,000.00.

Training of Office Staff Expenses – Php50,000.00
Monthly Expenses for Overtime Pay – Php25.000.00


I believe that if our employees were became proficient in using a computer. Their work will be easier and no need for overtime and the company will save money.

Melanie L. Roxas
Finance Manager

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Elements of the Research Proposal

A research proposal is written to propose a project generally in science or academics and sometimes requests sponsorship. It can be solicited or unsolicited. Solicited research proposal means that you are submitting a proposal as a response with specified requirements such as Request for Proposal (RFP) while unsolicited research proposal is submitted without prior request. An academic research proposal usually written as part of the initial requirements of writing a thesis, research paper or dissertation. Below are some of the elements of the research paper.

• Introduction
It will provides background information about the proposed research. It should create reader’s interest and reach out for specific audience.

• Theoretical Framework
The theoretical framework is written to hold or support a theory of a research since it introduces and describes the theory which explains why the research problem is under study.

• Statement of the Problem
It identifies and describes the problem being solved. It contains the general analysis approach. It answers the question, “Why does this research need to be conducted?”

• Purpose of the Study
It should provide specific and accurate summary of the overall purpose of the study.

• Review of the Literature
It contains the background and context of the research. It provides outline for establishing the significance of the study and a benchmark for comparing the results of the study with other findings. The writer shares the results of the other studies that are closely related to the study being proposed.

• Hypothesis or Questions
Hypothesis is a statement about the relationship between two variables.

• Methods/Procedure/Design
It considers the heart of the research because it describes all the activities in order to perform the proposed study including the methods as well the procedures and design to be used in the study.

• Sampling
Sampling is used to measure the validity of the research.

• Instrumentation
It contains the instruments to be used such as surveys, scales, interview, protocols, observation grid, and so on.

• Data Collection
It provides the plans on how to collect data such as survey, administration procedures, and interview or observation procedures.

• Date Analysis
It specify the procedures you will use, and label them accurately like for instance ANOVA, MANCOVA, HLM, ethnology, case study, grounded theory.

• Limitation and Delimitations
A limitation will identifies potential weaknesses of the study while the delimitation reports on how the study will be narrowed in scope.

• Significance of the Study
It provides about the significance of the study such as how the study will benefit or impacts others.

• References
It provides references used in the study

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What is Project Proposal

Project proposal is a written document that can be presented to the client or potential sponsor to receive funding or to get approved. It contains the key information about the project being proposed. It includes the necessary steps to accomplish the objectives and solve existing problems as well the milestones to complete the project. Also, it contains the detailed budget which includes the summation of anticipated cost and expenses.

A good project proposal contains the following components:

•    Project Title
•    Introduction
•    Project Objectives
•    Background of the Project
•    Project Description
•    Steps or Procedures for the Project
•    Project Budget
•    Project Summary and Conclusion

In order to have a successful project proposal, the documents should thoughtfully planned, well prepared and concisely packaged. You can highlights the project’s strength and aspects of the project that are innovative and thinks something that makes your project proposal stand out from others. Also, always create a detailed budget. Write also who will work for the project such as the management team  In addition, in writing the project objectives includes also a list of activities that support each objective.  At the end of the document, include a separate narrative summary of each component of each line item and corresponding purposes. You can search sample project proposal from the internet but of course, it should only used as guidelines and references.


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What is Research Proposal

A research proposal is written to propose a research project generally in the science and academic purposes. It is usually written by a scientist or academic which describes the ideas for an investigation on a particular subject or topic.

One purpose of writing a research proposal is to show that the problem you propose is warrant for investigation such as the method you plan is feasible and the result of your study are prove to be fruitful and can be an original contribution.

Writing research proposal requires a lot of time so it is very important that your topic is interesting and you are familiar with your topic.  A writer will spend a lot of time for researching from different sources for his research proposal.  Make sure that there is sufficient preliminary reading or research in the area of interest.

Here are sample research proposal outline:

I.    Title Page
It contains the proposal title and researcher’s name.

II.    Summary
It includes synopsis of the rationale for the proposed research, statement of the problem, aims and objectives, the methods or approaches used and significance of the proposal.

III.    Specific Aims
It explains the aims of the proposed research proposal.

IV.    Background and Significance of the Study
It provides the background of the study as well as the details for the significance of the study.

V.    Preliminary Data
It contains the information or data obtain based on the research or experiments done by the researchers. It can includes figures, graphs or illustrations.

VI.    Experimental Design or Method
It provides the experimental design or method used for the study.

VII.    References
It includes the list of references used.

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Business Proposal Format

business-proposalOne of the important part of business venture is a business proposal. No one will invest and take your idea without thorough research on every aspect of your business idea.

Here are an example of business proposal format

Executive Summary

It contains the brief outline of the company’s purpose and goals. You must catch the attention of your reader by writing the most concise and informational summary. It should be fit on one or two pages which includes a brief description of products and services, objectives, description of the market, growth potential, and overview of funding requirements.

I. General Company Description

It provides company’s goals and objectives, business philosophy, and industry description.

II. Products and Services

It includes description of products and services and competitive advantages and disadvantages.

III. Marketing Plan

It should mention first the economic aspect such as total size of the market, current demand for your product, latest trends, and growth opportunity. Identify targeted customers or clients, their characteristics and geographic location. In addition, includes the list of competitors. At the end, you should provide your promotional strategies and budget information.

IV. Sales Forecast

It contains the sales forecast spreadsheets as well as the start up expenses worksheet.

V. Operational Plan

It covers the daily operation of the business, its location, equipment, people, processes and surrounding environment.

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Proposal Guides

Writing a proposal can be complicated but it can also be easy if you have al the resources needed to defend your proposal. The topic of your proposal should be worth answering or not been answered yet. In this way, you can propose or think a study that fit to your course.

The following are some guided for your proposal writing:

1.    Goals and objectives
Clear idea of the goals and objectives of the project proposal.  Your proposal should start with a clear idea of your goals and objectives of your proposal such as explaining why the work should be done

2.    Evidence
Provides evidence that your proposed project will be successful.

3.    Consider your resources
These resources are the books, magazines, journals, documents, internet, etc. that will help you to easily gather data and information’s that you need.

4.    Time limit
It is important to budget your time in preparing for the proposal. Always make a timetable for each activity to achieve your goal of finishing your proposal before the deadline for your defense. It is necessary to track down about the progress of your study.  Avoid to rush your study so that you can write the proper documentation.  Thesis or proposal takes so much time to complete.

5.    Advice from successful people
Get advice from persons who have been successful in the proposal process

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Sample Abstract

Proposed to use Energy Recovery Device


proposal for energy recovery device

The main objective of this research is to conceptualize, design and study a system that will solve the existing problem encountered in ELITE Power Plant.  The Reverse Osmosis Plant, basically resulted to a high power consumption particularly in a high pressure pump motor of the system. Reduce the load on the high pressure pump motor which caused high power consumption.

In order to lessen the problem on high consumption as well as repair and maintenance, the use of “ENERGY RECOVERY DEVICE” is suggested.  In which it is designed based on the machine components potential requirements and specifications.

Reverse Osmosis System us to take seawater, filter and treat seawater for domestic use, service water and to supply the deminiralizers at the water treatment plant.

Osmosis is the naturally occurring diffusion of fluids through a semipermeable membrane in the attempt to equalize different concentrations of dissolved solids.  The Reverse Osmosis System takes this natural occurrence, reverses it by applying pressure on one side of the membrane and separates the two concentrations, in this case, fresh water from salt water.

Water is pumped from the sea, sent through a series of filters, then pressurized through membranes where salt and fresh water separates, chemically treated, and forwarded on storage tanks.
While, Energy Recovery Device, connected to the opposite end of the high pressure pump motor shaft.  The purpose of the ERD is to reduce the load on the high pressure pump motor.  This is accomplished by utilizing the energy contained in the high pressure brine before it goes to the drain.

During the practicum at the ELITE Power Plant, the researcher was assigned at the Reverse Osmosis Plant where the project is located.

Together with the Plant Technician, the researcher inspected the sites where the operation for Reverse Osmosis Plant is on going.  The activities were purely operation and monitoring such as providing the data for Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Upon evaluation of the plant, one of the problems in the system is high energy consumption of the high pressure pump.  The researcher determined that application of Energy Recovery Device is recommended.
The company will be benefited in this study, of which the maintenance of the different motor equipment used in their operation will lessen as well as students who will go further studies related to this.

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Student Safety Sample Proposal

ID attendance system


Parents are not aware if their children are still inside in the school premises after classes. They also want to monitor their children during school days.

Proposed Solution

To purchase an School ID Attendance System that will monitor the attendance of the students, teachers, and employees of the school.


  1. The students, teachers and employees will swipe their respective ID to the machine before entering the school to ensure that they already inside the school and attend classes.
  2. The system will sent a text messages to the parents and to inform them that their children are inside the school.
  3. After class, students will also swipe their IDs to the machine and then the system will then send messages to the parents informing their children are already out in the school premises.


  1. The parents will monitor their children during school days because the system will send messages informing about the in and out of their children.
  2. Ensure the safety of the students because they are not allow to go outside without swiping their cards.
  3. Faculty members and employees of the school will be also monitor the time in time out to be used for their payroll purposes and monitor their attendance as well.
  4. Increases the enrollees of the school because some parents may recommend the school for their added facilities.

Potential Problems

  1. The cost of the School ID Attendance System  will be Php25,000.00.  The system would pay for itself within 1 year.
  2. If the student will not swipe their cards, the system will send messages to the parents that their children are absent that time.

Solution to the Potential Problems

  1. Include the School ID Attendance System in your marketing so that more parents will be likely to enroll their children to your school. If there are more student then there will be more income.
  2. Place the machine at the entrance of the school so that student may easily swipe their cards and also require each student to swipe before entering school and after classes.

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