Advertising Proposal Format

Advertising proposal is written to propose how to advertise something such as the method to be used in advertising including print advertising, media advertising, broadcast advertising, and outdoor advertising. The main objective for advertising is to drive up sales of the products or services.

Below is an example of Advertising Proposal Format:

I.    Overview of the Company
Provide a company’s description such as the vision and mission of the company and date established.  Also, includes the strengths and achievement of the company.

II.    Concept and Advertising Ideas
Explain the concept you are using in advertising the products or services.

III.     The Proposal
Describe the type and form of advertisement to be used. Provide the characteristic of your target audience such as age, sex, location, income and occupation and explain how to reach them using your proposed advertisement. Also, describe the action you want by the audience as a response to the advertisement. Include also the project plan such as development and production of advertisement.

IV.    Benefits and Advantages
Include a list of benefits and advantages of having a proposed advertisement such as the benefits to society and advantages to other business.

V.    Profitability
Provides how your proposed advertisement makes profitable. Show facts and figures.

VI.    Conclusion
Include the support to make the proposed advertisement successful.